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If I buy a new cluster with less miles then my car, will the new cluster with less miles be the miles after I hook it up in my car? Or will it revert back to my old original miles after I hook it up?


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    Assuming it's a late model car, you can't just swap out the clusters. The dealer must download the info from the old cluster (including the mileage) and upload it into the new cluster before it's installed. Otherwise you'll get beeps when you put it in reverse or exceed highway speeds.
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    It's a 2003 Cobra. I'm buying a used cluster and the dealer isn't installing it I'm doing it myself. I don't mind if it beeps. So will it even work if I don't have the dealer do the download? and if they dont do the download will the miles for the new cluster be my new miles or what would happen with that?
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    It should work but with the beeps. I think it keeps the old mileage which I'm sure you know would have to be disclosed when you sell it otherwise it's illegal. It should be as simple as the dealer plugging the old one into their diagnostic tool and then plugging in the new one - shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
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    Okay Thank you for the help!!!
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