Loud engine vibration felt on steering wheel (3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6)

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I bought a 2009 Toyota Sienna LE with 9050 miles and i am starting to notice this: When the car is stopped (for example at a red light, gear in D position) i feel a uncommon vibration on the steering wheel that even the passenger can feel, i feel vibration on the steering wheel and when i drive every time it hits 1300 rpm the engine makes a humming noise
This vibration is really annoying and not normal for a new car like this, specially a Sienna. In all the cars that i've had, none got this issue.
- At cold start in the morning (30 F) this issue is more evident but when engine is warm it diminishes slightly.
- This "vibration" is heard the most when i am on reverse and the car has to go very slowly over a bump (to get in my garage).
I go very slowly on the gas pedal and while the car is going over the bump (in those 2 seconds) the vibration is crazy! If i just give the car enough gas to keep it half way of the bump, you feel your butt vibrate!

What can be doing this? I am really desperate...
Thanks for your time

PS: Car is under warranty and of course 3 of the dealers in my town told me it was "normal". Just the "Toyota way"
Don't forget that this engine is the 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6, the same used in the Lexus RX350!
I've test driven another Sienna 2009 with 35K miles and it doesn't vibrate like this at all! Yes the engine was loud but it didn't make the steering wheel vibrate!


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    My first guess was alignment, but even at low speeds?
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    thx for the reply
    yes it does it when the car is stopped on a red light... :cry:
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    We are having the exact same issue with our 09 RX350. Vibration when idling in gear, worse when engine is cold. Plan to have dealer check it out during next service.
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    thx for your reply
    please let us know what the dealer says about this problem

    good luck
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    Ask a good mechanic to check the engine mounts...
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    engine mounts are stronger than ever
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    I have 2009 RX350 FED and i am experiencing exactly the same issue as yours. The vibration is lesser if the head light is turned on. The is not what i expected from Lexus.
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    Just a quick update:
    The van has 14k miles and nothing has improved.
    Last dealer i saw, took out all the engine mounts, inspected them (ok) and told me that the engine block was tilted a little bit to one side, he put everything back and install the engine with the right angle but nothing improved.
    I called Toyota HQ and they told me to speak to the service manager and ask him to use their special technical support line that only services managers can access.
    I did that and he told me that he will call back, i am still waiting.
    As i said before, this same problems has some Lexus RX350's and still i haven't found a solution.
    One thing i know it's not the engine, because it is quite and very powerful.
    Maybe the transmission?
    If anyone can help me with this, i would really appreciate it because this slight vibration drives me insane and it's still felt on the steering wheel (at 700rpm) and on the interior door panels (at 600-650rpm)
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