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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Put a set of these tires on my E320 along with new wheels from tirerack. Wheels great--tires terrible. Theay wore extremely uneven. Had everything checked including a 4 wheel alignment. Noyjing helped. Contacted tirerack & then Perelli. Perelli stood behind their product & bought them back for full price. Relaced them with Bridgestones which were excellent.
  • dunninladunninla Posts: 33
    2ndmb, I upgraded to 17" AMG Monoblocks, but in the 8.5" offset size, with Dunlop Supersport 8000 tires. Fantastic on dry pavement. The Dunlops are 235something17. I did 8.5" on all four so I can rotate the tires. Read the comparisons on the Dunlop 8000 at some ways they score higher than the newer 9000, at 35% less, and no comparison at all the the Pirelli or other $130 dollar tires.
  • tomsky3tomsky3 Posts: 48
    It's quite a hassle to go around the night before the DST change and move the times on all the clocks, watches, VCRs, and cars ahead an hour. I was going to do it Saturday night on my E430, but then I remembered from the COMAND settings that the time is set by the GPS satellite. I didn't know if the GPS knew that it was time to switch to DST. The GPS seems to know everything else.

    So I left the clock alone. Then on Sunday, when I opened the door, the clock was an hour late. I then put the key in and checked the two manuals on how to reset the time. Somehow, before I could do anything, the clock moved ahead by an hour on its own.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This is waay off topic, but I couldn't resist - it's wonderful to have these things that figure out the time on their own, isn't it? I've got a couple of VCRs that do that.

    It is especially appreciated in the fall when many digital clocks have to be advanced 23 hours, rather than set back one. ;->

    That's very cool about your car clock.

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  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    For 17" wheels, Tirerack's web site for a '00 MB E320 lists the same size tire (235/45 17) for both 7.5" and 8" wheels. I tried "purchase tires" for both the AMG 5-spoke 203 (7.5") and the Borbet Type E (8"). Evidently the extra half inch isn't a big factor.

    Regarding tire brand comparisons on Tirerack, place a check mark in the "compare" for each tire you're considering. It's a convenient way to make direct comparisons. Have you seen my post # 1371? I was surprised at how well the Yoko AVS dB did in each category evaluated, and it was also highly recommended by a Tirerack tech during a phone inquiry. However, my local MB expert (runs his own independent MB repair facility) recommends the Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 but acknowledges that he isn't familiar with the new Yoko AVS dB.

    BTW, Discount Tires Direct lists the Mercedes OEM 5-spoke Style E 17" wheel as a closeout special for $160. Dealer list price for the wheel is $368!
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    I bought the AMG Aero along with the Dunlop SP5000 tires from the TireRack today. They are 8" in width and should fit ok. MBDriver thanks for the heads up on the AMG wheel deal from discount tire. The pricing is great but I really like the look of the monoblock vs the other models. The rep on the phone from the Tirerack convinced me the 5000 Dunlop was the best value. I'll let everyone know how the handling and ride changes with the new set up.
  • rokinkeadrokinkead Posts: 18
    Do you think it would do the automatic time change if the car was in Arizona? :) (Arizona does not do DST. Don't ask me why.)
  • I have a chance to buy a 1987 300E with 27000 miles, Air, Sun Roof, Leather and Power for $12,800 which is higher than internet prices but the car is perfect as far as I can tell.

    I have never owned a car that was a mechanical problem and I have heard MB mechanics are very expensive.

    How much expense could one incur typically with this vehicle? Minor quirks of $400-600 a pop aren't monumental but I don't want to pay $2500 a year to maintain a car.
  • waltowalto Posts: 34
    There has been a lot of discussion about upgrading phones. I have a '00 E320 with the factory phone, and wanted to upgrade to the tri-band phone. MB said it was impossible, that the antenna cabling wouldn't work. But I bought the new phone, including the voice recognition box, and the installation works just fine. I can now use Sprint PCS in the car, which is much cheaper than the other plans. The phone parts, however, were quite ezpensive (about $1,500).

    On tires, I have been through three sets since purchasing the car: the original MXV4 (terrible!), the Pilot XGTV4 (225-60-16), and now a set of the Yoko DB (also 225-60-16). The last is by far the best tire. Although the handling of the XGT-V4 and DB seems about comparable, the Yokos
    are much, much quieter (even than the MXV's) and have extraordinary ride quality, even at 36 psi all around (about like the MXV's). I still feel the car is a bit under-tired and I might go the the DB's on a 17". I'm not sure how much to expect of the switch from the 225-50-16 to the 235-45-17, and whether it's worth the mondy. Any ideas on this. As is, the steering response is just fine and I don't care much about the appearance issue.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    The Goodyear Eagle LS tires on my 96 E are almost down to the wear ribs. They have been decent tires but the tread life has not been great. I'm estimating about 25K miles ( I use snows in winter so don't have exact mileage). They have been reasonably quiet and handle fairly well, although now are feeling hard due to lack of tread depth. I had been leaning heavily toward Pirelli 7000, but previous notes mentioned good luck with the Dunlop SP5000 and Yoko DB tires. I will definitely check 'em out..

    Has anyone come up with a solution for the horrible AM radio reception? The dealers just say "That's the way it is..!" I can't believe MB is just going to leave it at that.. Has anyone tried to have an audio shop install a normal retractable antenna in lieu of the cell-phone antenna? (Cell-phone was removed when I bought the car.)

    And finally, I just saw the newest E-class advertisement last night. Animals and people carrying works of art onto the ARK..!! And then the last two things to enter the Ark were an E-sedan and E-wagon... As the ultimate works of art..!! My smile was from ear to ear..!! Great ad...!
  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    A 14 year old car with only 27,000 miles? Seems a great find if it's been regularly maintained and used (only 2000 miles/year.) If you know the car's history and there aren't any nasty tales, go for it.

    No doubt about it, repairs and parts for MBz's are pricey, but many of us have driven our cars for years. I had a good independent MBz mechanic who helped me drive my '81 240D for almost 250,000 miles over 17 years. They used rebuilt or third party parts whenever possible, and I was fortunate never to require a major replacement.

    Realistically, you could face a big bill for a replacement tranny or the like...but that's not likely after those few miles. You're more likely to have brittle rubber parts, etc. due to age. Not cheap, to be sure, but fairly easy to replace.

    Good luck.
  • tomsky3tomsky3 Posts: 48
    In the May issue of Automobile Magazine, there's an article with a picture of the next E-class. According to the article, the 275 hp 4.3L V-8 will be replaced by a 306 hp 5.0L V-8. The car will come standard with an air suspension. The E-55 will have an ABS suspension. The overall styling looks evolutionary. The tail lights will be triangular-shaped, as in the C and S classes. The front oval headlamps are arched back with clear lenses. The clock will be relocated to the top of the dash.

  • Try, then go to their links, then the spy-photo page. It's now on the "old" site, but still accessible. There are a couple of very clear, unveiled photos of the new E, inside and out. Also some computer enhanced photos. Although currently just a visitor from another world (Y2K C230Komp), I am starting to develop strong pangs of E-envy, and that's what brought me to this board. Hope MB does a better job with both quality and aesthetic considerations on the new E than they did with the new C, and to some extent the new S. Seems the DNA is getting a little watered down, IMHO.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

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  • It turns out the car was purchased in Florida (Orlando?) at auction and the current dealer has all the papers on the car. I will think one more week before I leap. Another car on his lot that interests me is a 1995 300D with all power. It has 120,000 miles. I always wanted a 240D like you owned but I never could afford one, I thought.
    It turns out that might have been the cheapest car a man could buy if it would go 17 years.
  • nabzynabzy Posts: 29
    E55 will be built for 2002

    for C class:

    // CLKOwnersDiscussion&ID_Topic=74
    no spaces

    for 2002 CLK change the 74 to 72
    for 2002 SLK change the 74 to 73
    for 2002 E change the 74 to 75

    will post others soon:

  • fishxprtfishxprt Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 e320 with mxv4 pluses and 1200 miles on it. I have 27 lfs in the tires. It rides rough on poor LA City streets. Will it get softer with more miles?
    Also has anyone ever changed the regular seats to the multicontour. Can I do just one, or do I have to do both? What was the cost and do you think it is worth it?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Based upon the comments in previous notes re: the Yokohama db and Dunlop SP8000 tires. I am probably going to buy a set of one of them. Neither comes in the standard E320 size of 215-55/16 so I can go to either the 225-50/16 or 245-50/16. As far as the speedometer is concerned, the 225 is 1.5% faster and the 245 is 1.3% slower. Close enough either way. The question is will the wider 245 cause any interference problems with the wheel openings?

    Anybody have any experience with these sizes?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I would recommend the 225 width tires. I'd rather have my speedometer be slightly faster than slower, if I was to choose. Additionally, while a wider tire provides better grip, you will also have poorer fuel economy due to increased rolling resistance and poorer aerodynamics, as well as more chance of hydroplaning or floatation in the snow. Handling might suffer a bit too since the wider tires are heavier. In fact, I'm not even certain if the stock rims will fit the 245 tires. Do they? That's a whopping 30 millimetres wider than the stock tires!

    A Volvo 850 Turbo owner wrote highly of his experiences with his new Yokohama dB tires. He said that they were quiet, and yet performed extremely well on wet pavement, and very light snow.

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  • waltowalto Posts: 34
    I have had the AVS db on the stock wheels on a '00 E320 in the 225-50-16 size. The fit is fine, but the car feels (and looks) a bit under-tired. The tire is really good however, but there just doesn't seem to be enough rubber on the road in dry cornering.

    The 245-50-16 will fit the stock rim-- Yokohama specifies rims from 7.0-8.5 inches (the factory is 7.5). I believe, however, that there will be a clearance problem on the front.

    My solution has been to go to the 17" wheel and the db in 235-45-17. Expensive, but I keep cars a long time. I agree with Drew on the rolling and drag issues, but safety is also important. I think you can compensate for much of this by keeping inflation pressures up. The db's ride so well that 36 psi all around is perfectly comfortable. As for hydroplaning, I think the db tread design looks very resistant to this.
  • kar_mankar_man Posts: 3
    I am looking at a '97 E420 with about 3500 miles left on the warranty. Where would I go to find info on an ext warranty? Dealer will sell me one of course, but is there somewhere else that may be better and what kind of $$ should I expect to pay? Dealer is not MB. Thanks
  • duke123duke123 Posts: 4
    Some time ago I remember that someone posted a list of all of the things the dealer's service department can adjust or re-program on your car's internal computer systems. For instance, they can eliminate the speed-variable volume on the audio system. Does anyone know what other things can be modified or customized? Thanks.
  • I have an '00 E320; when my lease is up next year, I was thinking of getting a CLK430. Does anyone have experience with that model? Specifically, my questions are:

    1. The Z-rated tires. What is their wear like? How are they in the wet, or light snow?
    2. Will I miss the tilt steering wheel?
    3. Is there a problem with driveways or speed bumps due to the lower chassis?
  • Hi you all,

    The new C has made Money Magazine's Best Cars List. Here is the link:


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