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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    On a recent run through Montvale, I cut through the MBUSA parking lot and noticed a new C-Class outfitted like a C320 with the model designation on the back of "C270 CDI". When I worked there a couple of years ago, I rarely (if ever) saw any of the imported Eval. cars in that particular lot that were not under serious consideration for commercial importation. Having said that, until the oil industry decides to supply low sulfur diesel on this side of the pond (like they do in Europe), it is unlikely at best that we will see such cars in our local showrooms.

    Best Regards,
  • there is an e320 cdi too (for europe of course) ... 190 hp
  • I want one too. How do I get one in CA??? I do not want a used E300.
  • meagvgmeagvg Posts: 13
    I'm trying to figure out what the proper pressure should be for these tires.

    The specs on the filler cap, door panel and owner's manual are all different. MBUSA tells me one thing, dealer another. I've got 275/35R18 on the back and 245/40R18 on the front. Normal high speed highway driving, nothing too extreme for now.

    Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Mike
    02 E55
  • 01e55-I guess I use the pressures on the gas filler door, sort of. It recommends 32/33 for city driving under 120 mph with two people and I think 40/42 with two people over 120. Anyhow, I use 36/36 and find it quite adequate and even when it was at the lower number the ride was o.k, but a little soft.I have found the ride a little floaty at 90-100, but with good cornering and I guess it's just the spring rates. I spoke to hr and they said their shock rates using the sport bilsteins would be about 15% firmer than the shocks that are on the E55. They also said that the hd bilsteins are close to what amg asks for from Bilstein, but there is some difference in compression from the standard hd shocks..
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I have an E430 with the 17" wheels, and have been told by the tire dist. where I bought new wheels for it that if you want to get the best wear out of the 17" tires, you should keep 36# all the way around. I have done that with satisfactory results.
  • gra2pgra2p Posts: 1
    I have recently noticed condensation that occurs in the right headlamp assembly. I notice it most frequently when it has rained, and it seems to last for a couple of days each time.
    When I spoke with the service rep at the dealer, he told me that there is a vent in that headlight that often causes condensation in the rain. Does this make any sense? It seems to me that the assembly shouldn't be letting any water in, period.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Humidity inside the headlight assembly is deadly to the bulbs. The presence of such condensation means that the headlight assembly back cover is not sealed properly. Your dealer should replace it under warranty. Mine was replaced under the same circumstances.
  • I have the opportunity to purchase a 1994 E Class 4D E420 Sedan. Mint condition with slip control and heated front seats. 35,000 and I know who owns it now and maintenance has been kept up on it. Does anyone know of any downside to purchasing this car? I appreciate anyone's input.
  • I'm a 3 series BMW driver who is interested in an older 300E. It's an '86 with 62k miles on it and it's very clean. I plan on having it checked out mechanically but I'm curious for opinions on this sort of vehicle and what lies 'on the road ahead' if I buy this car. 8 grand is the asking price. Is this the 300E with the infamous 4matic transmission problems?
  • Our '99 E300 also had both rear lifters fail, about one month apart. Fortunately they were replaced/repaired under warranty.
  • I have a 2000 e 430 sport package. just love it. recently at dealer noticed a 2002 sl500 silver arrow with unbelievable tire rims. i am currently inquiring about them .about 1020each plus tire. they are 18". any opinions as to good or bad move downside, etc where to purchase other than dealer. currently have 17" with sport package rim. the car is black and i feel the tires would make this car awesome. would shock change be necessary? any input welcome.
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    well i know for a fact that it will be louder in the cabin than right now, but im also sure that the handling should be better, dont know about shocks
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    your road noise will be higher than normal, but your handling should be better
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    i thought the 1st time, i didnt get it through, and the 2nd, i didnt wqant to write it all again
  • Hi, Happy Seasons to everyone! I have been on this board for more than a year now. In June 2001, I've got a 2001 E320. As far as I am concerned, during the last six months my E320 behaved perfectly. I just love my car. But I did not get the 'Tele-Aid' system initially. Lately I have heard a good tracking system called 'Boomerang Tracking System' which is avaible only in Canada presently, but will be in the US States pretty soon.
    This system is just like the Tele-Aid, it will notifies you when your car is stolen and tracks it down to recover it for you. I just wish to hear from someone who actually has it installed in his/her car and finds it useful. Please share the information if you could. Thanks
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
    and a happy new year, but i have 1 question, how long will the dealer ships keep the e-class special edition....???
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Merry Xmas to all members of this community.
    I do not have a Boomerang installed but I happen to live in the city where it is born. Here, it is the kingdom of car thieves. When caught, a car thief is usually released the same day in order to steal a better car. Boomerang does not use a GPS location but relies on cellular triangulation and is enough precise to locate a stolen car. The rate of recovery is almost 100%. It's advantage over the satellite locator is that they can still trace a car inside the container bond to Nigeria or Russia as long as it is within reach. And just about the only recovered cars are equipped with Boomerang. The reason why I did not install it on my 99 E320 4matic is a discouragement by the dealer who claimed it will void my warranty because of its interference with the electrical system. Good luck.
  • Sorry, didn't see the message earlier on. Unless you've figured it out yourself already, there should be a latch on the lower part of the black cap that covers the rear of the foglight. Pulling it down should release the cap. The light itself is a standard socket and bulb assembly.

    Merry Christmas !
  • I have a 98 E320 Sedan...The transmission seems to struggle shifting to 5th from a dead start. Reaching 30000k rpms before it shifts. Is this common to 98's? Are the 98 trans just noisy?

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Thirty Million RPMs! Wow, your engine must be some sort of a one-off skunkworks motor. I'll bet you could sell it for a lot of scratch. ;-)

    In all seriousness, I suspect that there may be a problem, but you will have to wait until another E320 owner responds.

    Best Regards,
  • OOP's...30k would read better!

  • mbbenzmbbenz Posts: 47
    I think you mean 3k RPM
  • 3K would read even better.
  • This might explain why I have not received a response to my question. Perhaps no one has responded because, (with the exception of a couple{smile}, they don't understand the question. Well, let me try three-thousand RPM's (3000 RPM's).....

    My fault. However my question stands. Any feedback on the perceived symptoms would be appreciated.

    Thanks all.
  • I have read many times that the transmission is designed to hold shift changes longer than normal when the engine is cold. This is to optimize the pollution control by helping the engine to warm up quicker. I noticed this on my wife's '92 SE300 and on my '96 C280. However, my 2001 E320 does not seem to do this. I can't say whether my wife's '99 S320 does it.
  • I had a 95 E320 that did the same thing when cold but my 2001 E320 does not. If you have one of the new "smart" transmissions which can change shift patterns depending on you driving style, you can have "Hard" shifting into 5th on occasion. Check your manual to see if your transmission is "smart".

    My 2001E 320 has the "Brake Pad Wear" message coming on at 7,900 miles. I think it is probably the wear sensor, but will take to the dealer to check. Anyone had a similar experience?
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    Fishexpert it sounds to early to need brakes.

    My sensor light went on today at 21,000 miles.

    Time to visit the shop
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Yes, I agree that the sensor has probably malfunctioned. I had mine replaced at 9,000 miles along with another sensor. With M-B always check the electronic gadget first. I really like my car but the electronics still remain its main area of weakness along with that stupid single wiper blade.

    '00E430 Sport, E1, E2, multicontour seats(great!)and voice activated phone.
  • Jean: Thank you for your info about the Boomerang system. I checked with my Mercedes Benz dealer, she informed me that it's absolutely ok to install the Boomerang system and she claims it does not interfere with the car's electronic components. I have yet to check with the Mercedes Benz headquarters to make sure it is true. Another thing I am concerned is - the installation of the Boomerang system may upset the car's well built structure. What do you think? Now, my car is just perfect - no rattling, and quiet. As the Boomerang shop maintains that the location of the unit is kept secret. I have no idea where they (the Boomerang guy) would install the unit. I appreciate anyone's opinion on this. Thanks.
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