Jeep Cherokee water in oil cap

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2000 JGC I have milky oil in the area of my oil cap,engine is 4.7. I check the oil level, oil is good and not milky, check the antifreeze level full none lost. I replace the o-ring on the cap and then replaced the cap too. still getting water in. It is only in the cap area not sure how but would like to know how to solve this. Could it be getting through the PVC ? Anyone know please

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    change your pvc valve

    also hose to intake
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    Thanks I will try that
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    I tried replaceing the PVC and the hose from the intake to the PVC, well I am still getting water in the oil cap area only, still not loosing antifreeze and engine oil is still good. Please anyone have any ideas. Right now not causing any problems but dont want it to get worse. Thanks
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    What you are seeing is a well known problem with the 4.7 engines. You are seeing condensation from the oil in the tube. It was a design flaw and they have a fix for it. I saw it on the RAM forums. What they basically do at the dealer is put in a re-routing kit for the PVC. It clears the problem. I am going to have them do my 2k3 Durango just for peace of mind. I must also say that this problem does diminish with the use of a good synthetic oil. At this time i am at 165,780 miles on mine so I am using 5 quarts of Castrol GTX with one quart of Castrol Syntec. Ihave not had the issue much at all. You also will most likely see this when the weather get's cold.
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