Honda Pilot EX vs Mazda CX-9 Sport

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I'm shopping for a new 2010 SUV. Now I have short-listed Pilot EX and CX-9 sport. I'm n't able to decide which one to buy. Each has pros and cons.

Pilot Pros : Reliable, milage (3 or 6 cylinder shifts automatic), roomy, less repairs, resale value

Pilot Cons : Bulky, looks is not good, interior is not good.

CX-9 Pros: Very attractive model, looks good inside & outside. 80% of the parts are made in Japan(?), price

CX-9 Cons: Not as reliable as Honda, ford engines/transmission(??), resale value

One major thing I observed while test driving in freeway, i can hear more outside noise in cx-9 compared to Honda pilot.

I'm not able to decide which one to go for. I love the look of CX-9, but I don't know more about the product. I want to keep this vehicle for long term (8-10 years)

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance.


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    Just to clarify a couple things:

    CX-9 engine is a 3.7L it is not nessesarily the same as the Ford 3.5L engine. Although it is a derivative of Ford's Duratec, the 3.7L engine in our CX-9's have being bored and tuned by Mazda to Mazda's specs.

    Also, transmission is definately not a Ford transmission. It is made by Aisin who makes transmissions for Toyota and Lexus.

    Hope this helps your decision.
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    You may want to have a look at Honda Pilot vs Mazda CX-9 vs Toyota Highlander.

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    BIG CON for Pilot is the llllooooonnnnggggg stopping distance.
    That is a DQ in my book.
    (DQ = disqualified using Olympic term)

    Honda Pilot is quieter than Mazda CX9?
    That is abnormal if that is even a fact. Honda is also known for being noisy.
    Try the '01 Odyssey. You need to jack up volume (way up) when driving on highway. You almost need to shout to talk to each other.

    I have never test-driven a new Pilot, so can't say either way.

    Reliable? Last time I checked the ConsumerReports (for lack of other better source of info), Pilot and CX9 are about on par in reliability history, slightly behind HighLander, which is having the Toyota-thing going on ... ;)
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    We were going thru the same decision making process in December (last year 2009) and test drove many CUVs including Pilot and CX-9. We chose the CX-9. Our best friends bought the Pilot. So we have driven around in both.

    We love our CX-9. It drives beautifully - smooth and quiet. We have had 2 issues with it - the sunroof had aleak and the power outlet had the charger get stuck. Both solved by the delearship (but wish we hadnt any issues). Options on Pilot and CX-9 are similar, but one thing the CX-9 has that havent seen on any competition is the blind-spot warning lights on the mirrors. Warning sound also beeps if you try to turn while someone is in your blindspot. It gives added safety on the highway,which we like.

    Our friends Pilot has had 1 issue so far - the passenger seat warmer takes along time to heat up (drivers side is fine). The Pilot is very roomy (more so than the CX-9) and also runs smoothly but is more truck-like than the CX-9. It feels roomier because of its box shape - the insides just seem bigger. Also the Honda has a little better mileage than the CX-9 I believe.

    I think it comes down to a personal choice. If you like sportier car-like handling where the car hugs the road around corners then go for the CX-9. If you want a roomier feel, truck-like appearance, and possibly some greater assurance of quality control, go with the Pilot.

    Good luck!
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    Two great vehicles! You can't loose either way. My friend has an 09 Pilot EX and I've got the CX-9 Sport. I drove his Pilot before I bought my CX-9. Other than the better stopping distance on the CX-9 everything else was purely a personal choice. 9 months and 9000 miles I am a happy customer!
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