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2010 4Runner SR5 Rattle Noise When in Gear.... Is it normal??

newbie_t4rnewbie_t4r Member Posts: 6
edited July 2014 in Toyota
Just posting this message to see if anyone else with a 2010 4Runner hears the same noise I hear with my 4Runner.

When I put it into Drive with the brake on (not moving). I hear a rattling sound. Put it into Neutral the rattle goes away. Its not loud enough where you can hear it over outside noise. I do this in my garage and its obvious.

Took it to the dealer and they said it was noise from the timing chain and that its Normal???

I'm not a mechanic but I question their answer because I don't hear the noise while the truck is in Park or Neutral.

My 4R has 1500 miles on it and I don't think the noise is Normal. Can anyone else with a 2010 let me know if they do or do not hear the a rattling like sound while they are in gear but not moving?


  • illinoiscentraillinoiscentra Member Posts: 67
    Just a wild guess, the heat shield on the catalytic converter on my Forester rattles when its cold, and in gear, but stopped.
  • newbie_t4rnewbie_t4r Member Posts: 6
    Is that possible that the heat shield can rattle only when the vehicle is in gear but not in neutral or park?

    I'm hoping someone with a 2010 4Runner can help me determine if the noise is normal. Does anyone's 2010 4Runner make a similar rattling like noise?
  • pjc1pjc1 Member Posts: 72
    I have rattles too..when in park and when driving on the highway. I cannot identify the location but they are annoying. Plan to bring it in when i have the time...

    I am no automotive engineer but it would seem to me that rattling is not a "normal" situation for a least not for most manufacturers.
  • newbie_t4rnewbie_t4r Member Posts: 6
    I think the challenge is finding a service department that will go the extra mile to fully diagnose a customer's concerns. Most seem too busy with the recall fixes so they seem to dismiss things they feel are not big issues.
  • piyuxpiyux Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 4Runner SR5 with now approximately 3K miles and I don’t hear any unusual noise when in gear. I actually read your post few days ago and I tested and carefully listened at my 4Runner for this noise. Results on my side are negative.
    My experience with dealers (and probably almost everybody’s) is bad. They usually don’t agree on fixing anything unless they can see it broken with their own eyes. New vehicles may have this “weid” noises which source is difficult to be determined. Find a good mechanic somewhere else, ask for references, an experienced one and ask this guy to spend listening at your engine while running and try to get some clues. Your dealer will bounce you back unless you know exactly what or where the problem is. Frustrating, I know.
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