Thinking about 4-5 yr old V70 (HELP) :)

drinksforalldrinksforall Member Posts: 3
Just had a 2nd child and want to move on from my older Camry's. Looking at 2004 - 06 V70's. Is there a particular year that is better than others?? What is maintenance costs like on older models? What should I avoid (turbo's)?
I'm just looking for something basic w/ good cargo space and reliable, decision is not performance based. Any help IS GREATLY appreciated!!


  • dreyfus1dreyfus1 Member Posts: 43
    A V70 2004-06 is a good choice. The same cannot be said for the 4WD XC V70 which has reliability problems related to 4WD. The 5 cylinder engine with "Light Turbo" designated 2.5T is a reliable and driveable combination. A very good highway cruiser, the turning circle is slightly wider than a Camry so parking is something that requires getting used to ( a month or so) after that it becomes second nature. Bought a 2007 V70 2.5T last June and we are pleased with it.
  • drinksforalldrinksforall Member Posts: 3
    I've seen some nice used v70 turbo R with "AWD". Is the AWD designation the same thing as the 4wd?? Is the reliability issue specific to thr 'xc ' line??
    Thanks for the time!!
  • dreyfus1dreyfus1 Member Posts: 43
    The R is a high pressure, high horse power engine. It is unreliable in all its permutations. That includes engine, transmission, suspension. Suitable for twenty something males who are mechanically skilled.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    Sorry to hear about all the problems with your V70R. I'm curious to know what year it is? Auto or manual transmission? Did you lemon law it?
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    Sorry to join this session late, and I guess "drinksforall" already made a decision and got a new(er) car.
    One thing that is necessary to check before buying any Turbo charged volvos (learned it my on hard $$$$ way), have it checked by a pro-service station.
    I bought my V70 AWD 1998 (not XC) privately by good words from a well-known service-station and as of today I have put in more dollars for services than the car did cost itself.
    However, after having the driveline (serving between front to aft shaft)replaced, along with wishbones and a-frames plus a major overhaul of the brakesystem the car will stay with me.
    READ and LEARN from this, no matter the make of car, take your presumptive (no matter if it comes from a well known car lot or privately) car-purchase to a station for a checkup. If you are an AAA member, find a nearby AAA station. Where you can get a cheaper and still thorough check.
    As it comes to the newer models, this should apply to any car.
    Stay away from the R versions unless you are skilled with cars or have a huge bank account.
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    The volvo v70 beware of transmission problems it is a big 5000. 00 cost. on top of a new baby who needs it.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    My V70 is 7 years old and has over 110,000 miles. I have had zero problems with it. The transmission is as smooth and tight as it was when new. The key to longevity is proper preventative maintenance. With regards to the transmission, this means flushing the fluid every 50,000 miles or so with the correct fluid (Mobil 3309). I'll bet dollars to donuts that most of the failures mentioned here are related to neglect or improper service.
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    Lulu 4: I have 2005 V70 with 120K miles on it. I Just purchased an XC90 last week; have had 2 s60's a 2003 and 2002. All these vehicles are top notch. I drive the v70 and I MAINTAIN it. Like the law man said above these cars are bullet proof (pun intended). They will last as long as you care for them by the maintenance schedule. A Volvo with 75K on the ODO that has been maintained can double or triple that mileage without major failures. My only problems with any of these vehicles was the 2002 Turbo, I loved the car but it bucked like a bronco when cold, I actually kind of liked its bad disposition, reminded me of me. (Trial Lawyer) :) I am kidding of course, buy one you will see why there is so much loyalty for these cars. BTW we had a 2003 pre -ford ownership very nice on the inside, my 2005 was somewhat decontented. A low mile 2002, 2003 or 2004 may be desirable for this reason better built. Lastly, my 2005 has had no major repair issues just tires and brakes, belts fluids and anything over 105K mileage must have a new timing belt, look for the sticker put on the car under the hood.
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