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I'm considering installing the Infiniti Rear Decklid Spoiler on my 2010 M35x, but I haven't actually seen, up close, an M with the decklid spoiler. I had a decklid spoiler installed on my Lexus and I was very pleased with the way it looked, but I'm just not sure about the M.

I would appreciate hearing from members who have installed the decklid spoiler to get their opinions. Thanks!


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    I bought my 2006 with the spoiler. I think it looks fine. Not having driven it without, I can't compare. I don't think about it! I bought it not for looks but for the potential of a little better fuel economy. No idea if it helped, but don't expect it hurt.
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    I just purchased a decklid as well from the dealer. I am putting it on this week. I saw one the other day 2009-2010 model and it looks very nice. The decklid has to be bolted on so it is a bit of a task so make sure whoever does it knows what they are doing.

    Definitely better with one than without if you are looking for a much sportier look. I am also tinting the windows to 30-40% all the way around.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning on getting one installed and I'll discuss it with the service manager this week. If I have one installed, I would only have the Infiniti dealership do the installation. I'll post my thoughts if I have the lid spoiler installed.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    My Infiniti dealership installed the spoiler this week and I'm thrilled with the look. I paid just under $500 for the spoiler with installation. Thanks for the input!
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    My M37S came with the rear deck spilier, it is Ok, but I hinestly prefer the look of the chrome lip on the G Sedan's and wish the new M woudl have had a deck edge like that.
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    To each his own, but I completely disagree with your spoiler assessment. I think the chrome lip on the G coupe and sedan take away a lot from the look of the back end. Moreover, it is not an is on every car - except when you order the optional spoiler, which is too big for my tastes.

    While I love the look of the new 2011 M without any spoiler, I am sure the new M with its low profile spoiler will look very nice.

    I have a 2006 M45 Sport and think the spoiler completes the back end beautifully.
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    My M37S with spoiler, not bad, but look like an add-on especially the way it wraps aroudn the Infiniti logo, IMO I liek the chrong tip of the G, highlights the natural deck lip of the sedan better again IMO.
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