Ford electronic 4WD

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Somtimes the electronic dash switch puts truck in 4WD somtimes it does not. Any thoughts?


  • tommy75tommy75 Member Posts: 6
    I have an 02 350 7.3 6sp with electronic 4WD dash control. Somtimes it works and somtimes it does not. There is a motor on the transfer case. do these corrode? or need service. Any Help?
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    I can switch from 2wd to 4wd high ,and I can stop and switch from 4wd high to 4wd low ,but it won't switch back unless I go under the truck and use a long set of jumper wires to reverse the power to the electric motor on the transfer case. That at least tells me the motor is good. there must be a relay or switch somewhere that is defective. Also the backup sensors are not working anymore. Do they work thru the same circuit. I can't find a wiring diagram anywhere. Appreciate any help I can get!
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