Ford Mustang door lock problems

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my 1988 gt w/67,000 miles the door locks don't work, the auto-lock button does nothing and the key does nothing. it's seems jammed, both doors.
anybody have any solutions.


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    Both door lock actuators (Cylinders that spring door locks) were bad. They were fried above the electrical connection, base of cylinder. When they lock up the door locks become inoperable even with key.

    Solution: Replace both actuators. Searched web and cheapest found was a set of 2 for $32.00 (Great price). Local auto part stores are priced anywhere from $60.00 - $100.00 apiece, and are hard to find instock.

    Installed myself, be prepared to spend all day, not easily accessable, tight working conditions. Must remove entirely interior door panel. Need proper lighting. Remove white plastic cover over latch assembly, Locate actuator, remove rubber cover, just tear off by hand so you can see the cylinder and rod coming out of cylinder. Disconnect wiring clip at bottom of cylinder. To remove the cylinder I found it easyist to cut the threaded rod at the top of the cylinder. You will need a heavy duty wire cutter. Pull down on actuator to remove, takes a good effort. ( You can remove the entire latch (3 Large head Phillips Screws) if your having trouble with extraction. This will give you more flexibility in that tight area). I kept the white plastic mounting bracket (holds the actuator) in place, and reused it (as long as the bracket is not damaged this is a time saver). to replace bracket is not easy, you will need a ringspander and it is riveted to the door , not screwed. New actuator comes with many length rods, you will need the shortest rod. Install rod into top of actuator with clip, reconnect power supply to bottom of actuator, place end of rod into latch, lower actuator to bracket and work round rubber bushings into bracket from bottom up. Plug in door lock button, push button as your holding actuator in place. Actuator should be triggered, this may need to be done to finish securing actuator into bracket. Make sure you hold securely the actuator when pushing lock/unlock button until the actuator is totally fixed into bracket. Replace white plastic latch cover. Make sure everything is working properly. Unplug lock/unlock button. Replace door panel, make sure all clips are in place.
    After not having working door locks for 7 years this feels great when done, and sense of accomplishment.
    Good Luck... Don't get frustrated.
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    Thanks for the great tutorial, malew66!

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    My next project (88 GT) is to grease or replace my squeaky speedometer cable.
    Any tips or previous tutorials on this topic. How to get to it? Does entire dash have to be removed?
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    It may be the door lock motor in the doors that have died. If thats the case there is a local supplier in AU that has them available for $22.00ea that you can DIY or have your mechanic fit in no time at all.... And it can be delivered in 3 days. you should be able to find them on AU ebay by searching: "new door lock motor" :)
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