XC90 Auto Locking Setup

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I have noticed mention of the XC90 auto locking feature which apparently can be set without taking to the dealer.
The factory default is preset at OFF.
This is a very convenient feature which I and am sure other owners appreciate.
Would you please advise and
"walk me through" the reset proceedure ?
Thank You !


  • dbak29dbak29 Member Posts: 6
    I am out of town, the key will not turn past position I/II. I can turn on accessories, radio, etc, but that is it. It will not turn to Position III to start engine. I have checked every fuse, re-set car battery and key battery. Any help would be appreciated before I have a 100 mile tow. I do not have a second key with me. It also could be something more serious such as switch.
  • mikey38mikey38 Member Posts: 141
    try turning the steering wheel slightly left or right and then turn the key. Also check that the gear shift selector is not slightly out of park.
  • dbak29dbak29 Member Posts: 6
    Thx, just tried that, no luck. Appreciate the advice.
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