Honda Pilot Touring with Nav Information Display

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Is there anyway to display the direction (compass), outside temperature and overall mileage at one time? The only combination I can get is direction (compass), outside temperature and TRIP meter. This combo is crazy to me. I just want compass, temp and overall milegae - can I have that?


  • denver5357denver5357 Member Posts: 319
    You can get those two things and total mileage on either A or B and never clear it. I'll have to play around with it and see if what you seek is possible. The controls for that feature are odd; you have to be stopped and maybe even in park and then use the top push lever and the bottom one to go through all the combinations. I couldn't stand the movingbar with mpg on it so I finally got it to mpg and then switched to range as well as compass and temp.
  • flipflopperflipflopper Member Posts: 19
    It's already been cleared...didn't know until I realized what I did. That moving bar drives me nuts too! It's distracting. I have tried everything and can not figure out a way, but navigation gets tricky once you get into sub screens, so I hope I am missing something. Thanks Denver5357 - appreciate the help!
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    I have a 2010 Pilot EX-L & want to learn more about the mult-function display. The manual gives more on on the Touring Model than the EX-L on the display. Can someone tell me what all the display does & how to use it?
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    If the ex-l is anything like the touring the display can be a pain to navigate through. Be careful what you press as I have reset the thing many times. What I found easiest is to sit down with the manual and go through it like it says to do, then go through it your own. If it helps, when I brought it in for service last week, even the Honda guys can' t navigate through it to get the overall mileage, they even said it drives them nuts how confusing the display is. Over the next few months, you'll realize you won't even need or care what the display has to offer. Good luck and congrats on your purchase!
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