Electrical issue, no keyless or radio (fuse?)

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2003 Voyager: Today the radio stoped working and I noted that the keyless lock did not work. I looked at the fuses and they are OK. I changed around the relays but to no avail. Everything else seems to work. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Monte


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    To add to the posted message above,

    I also found that when the ignition key is in the accessory position, cig. lighter, the door locks (using the lock control on the door) and power windows do not work. The cig. lighter and power windows and door locks (using the controls on the door) work when in the ignition in in the on position.

    To help, which fuses and relays work with the keyless emote entry lock, the radio and windows. I relize that this may be an ignition switch problem, however, in the on position the radio and remote keyless does not work.

    Thanks, Monte
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    This problem surfaces on my '98 van from time to time. I found that there was a fuse blown.... a tiny 10-amp fuse in the main fuse box (a mouse among giants, so hard to see) under the hood. When a new fuse was inserted (and working), everything was fine. When it blew, no door locks, etc., unless the ignition was in the 'on' position. For mine, though, the problem recurred sporadically. What I found was one of my children had used the CD player as a piggy bank and inserted unknown quantities of coins into it. When the coin was in the right position, it would overload the circuit. The radio fuse had blown, too, but was fused together and allowed the current to pass further into the system, thereby blowing that 10A body fuse.

    Who know what else damage it caused, given the current "lack of operational status" of the van. :cry:

    I pulled the fuse for the radio (did not replace it) and have not, as far as I know, had the 10A blow again.
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    Thanks for the information. In the fues box under the hood I have replaced all of the fuses and no avail. and have switched the replays around.

    In additon to the radio and the remote keyless lock not working in the accessory position, the lock on the door do not work when the ignition is off and the dome light does not work when the ignition off. The door lock and dome light do operate when the ignition is in the on position. Any other suggestions would be a help. Thanks, Monte
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    I am having the exact same issue. I have also found that my battery is way over charged (stays at 13.6 volts when enging shuts down) and the alternator is constantly putting out 15.5+v when running. I've not found any bad fuses, and assuming the voltage reg in the pcm could be shot, but wondering if that would affect the rest of the electrical issues
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    Is your voltmeter calibrated?

    If not, it could lead you to wrong conclusions.
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