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2010 C300 country of origin?

gtechiegtechie Member Posts: 9
I just purchased a 2010 C300 and notice the county of origin is South Africa not Germany.
Did I get an odd bird car or are there a lot of C300's coming in from SA for the US market?


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    dumontdumont Member Posts: 48
    Hi, what's the first letter of your VIN? I understand if it's a W it was built in Germany, If it starts with an A then it's African built, Are you in the USA?
    I am in the USA and my 2010 C300 Sport 6 speed m/t VIN starts with a W.

    Check out this for how to interpret VIN's
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    dumontdumont Member Posts: 48
    I have to correct myself, digit 11 of the vin, if it's R its South African built, F is German built, look inside the drivers door jamb. Mine is R and it says on the door "Made in South Africa" I probably would not have leased it had I known, for what it is worth I wanted a German built car, not "just" German engineered...
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    lawman1967lawman1967 Member Posts: 314
    My 09 C300 was assembled in South Africa, while my previous 2 MBs (01 C240 and 05 C230) were German made. Guess what, fit, finish and build quality are vastly superior on the newer car. I'm sure that is more a W204 vs W203 issue, but thus far my current C300 is nearly perfect, and thats after 52,000 miles.
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    viviliuviviliu Member Posts: 2
    Hello, guys,
    i am new here. I really like the C300 Sport look of 2011. But when i went to dealer, i was told that C250 is replacing c300 now. And they are bascially the same.
    I kind feel the C250 sport 2012 is little shorter than 2011 C300 in the front. But not quite sure. Overall i like the look of C300 more.
    i want to ask do they look the same or is just i am biased?
    I am really stuck at the appearance right now.

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    kkear3kkear3 Member Posts: 3
    The primary difference is the drive train. A C250 is a 201-horsepower 1.8 liter 4 cylinder turbo with rear wheel drive and a C300 is a 228-horsepower normally aspirated 3 liter V6 with all wheel drive only.
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