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Question on 2011 GLK model arrival in the US market

diegosilangdiegosilang Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
When will we start seeing the 2011 GLK models be on sale in the US? I am in the market for the GLK model but undecided on whether to get the 2010 GLK or wait for the 2011 model. Does anyone recommend that I wait for the 2011 model or just go ahead and purchase the year old 2010 GLK model?

I would greatly appreciate any insights from everyone.


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    chakajonchakajon Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking at the GLK too, but I'm not in the market immediately. I would wait a few more months; not sure if there will be any difference other then the rumored Diesel version.

    I first laid eyes on the GLK back in December of 2008; the showroom had just received their one and only floor model. I was impressed immediately. I still didn't understand why they had a "2010" model in December of 2008. Whatever, I wasn't ready to buy anyway.

    I would wait a few months since technically the 2010 models are actually 2008 designs. Whatever small changes may be made, it might be worth waiting for the newest model. I am always leery to buy any "first" edition anything (iPhone, computer operating system, etc). However, I've never bought a Mercedes before, so can't assume that in this case, first isn't best.

    With that said, I am still waiting for 2011 and plan to make my purchase come fall.

    As a side note: I was really torn about the leather vs. MB-text in the color combination I want (black car/black interior) . I like the brushed aluminum trim which is only available in MB-text, but I wanted leather seats. (I don't like the way brown wood looks with black interior - I know it's a personal thing - which is why I was also looking at the X3 because they offer the grey wood, however I digress). But I found this interesting article about the MB-text vs. leather debate:

    MBTEX, sometimes called "Taxi Leather" is a vinyl-like Leather-looking synthetic material that has been commonly used in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles for many years now. MBTEX is a a sort of rubbery-feeling material that has a grained look similar to leather but usually more uniform than leather. To the unknowing passenger (and sometimes owners) MBTEX is actually what you are sitting on, and not actually real leather.

    In many newer Mercedes-Benz models "MBTEX with Leather inserts" is the standard equipment. Full leather interior is often an option and not included without an additional cost. Many Mercedes-Benz owners have probably bought their car not realizing that the seats are not full leather.

    MBTEX can be very difficult to tell from Leather, as without really close inspection there is not a real "obvious" difference. Most cars that are sold with "MBTEX with Leather inserts" have the center parts of the seats (the parts you sit on and your back rests against) as real leather, and the seat bolsters, sides, headrests, armrests and seat backs as MBTEX. You can often tell the parts of your seats that are real leather as they are usually perforated (the perforation is necessary in order to allow the leather to "breath"). This real leather is often the panels where your bottom sits and where your back rests against the seat. There is also often sections of real leather on the door panels. Everything else is usually MBTEX, unless you got the full leather option of course.

    Many dealers and people who are familiar with MBTEX will actually recommend it over Leather. It is commonly joked that you can tell if a 10 year old car has leather or MBTEX. The car with MBTEX interior will still look new while the car with leather will look worn. MBTEX is much more durable than leather, easier to clean and requires less attention. MBTEX is also a good idea to have on the seat bolsters as this is an area that is commonly worked well by drivers and passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. Leather bolsters will eventually crease and these creases over time develop into cracks. MBTEX does not have this crease problem.

    MBTEX will outlast leather many times over and most individuals can not tell its difference from leather. MBTEX is an excellent choice for anyone who has children, or plans on owning their Mercedes-Benz for a long time.

    Whatever you choose, the you can't miss. The car is beautiful and drives like a dream. I can't wait.

    Good luck.
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    drivendreamdrivendream Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    Does anyone know what pricing on packages and the vehicle will be for the 2011 model? Or about what changes are happening?

    I know that LED daytime running lamps are an option. I ordered mine a week ago, but don't know any of the info above.

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    bluerainbluerain Member Posts: 6
    I am about to order 2011 GLK350 4MATIC.
    I just got the infomation about new pricing from a delaer.
    According to the dealer, they don't have base price yet, but I have option prices
    for my 2011 GLK350 4MATIC.

    - Aluminum Trim: $ 320
    - Heated Front Seat: $ 750
    - P01 Premium pkg: $ 3,200
    - 320 Multimedia pkg: $ 3,000 (dropped from $ 3,350)
    - 310 Lighting pkg: $ 985
    - Destination: $ 850 (NY)

    The dealer offered me INVOICE+$ 500(ADVERTISING)+$ 800 whatever base price will be. Is it good deal???
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    drivendreamdrivendream Member Posts: 2
    Is aluminum trim the roof rails? Or Chrome kit?

    Also, when I ordered my 2011 it didn't look like LED turnsignals on the taillamps came with the lighting package, nor was it separate, so I assume either its not available or it is standard. Either way I thought that it would drop the price of the lighting package.

    I can't wait to find out what changes are made and how much they are!
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    bluerainbluerain Member Posts: 6

    Aluminum is Interior Trim.
    They said 2011 has new LED Day time running light like Audi.

    What price you got for 2011 ?
    What are the specs?
    Don't you want to share it?
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