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2011 Toyota Camry

chicagocamrychicagocamry Member Posts: 29
Does the 2011 Camry come with brake override and a redesigned accelerator pedal?


  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Member Posts: 750
    I doubt it...may be later in the year. In order to have the car on the lot in Feb., they might start making them since late last year.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    If they don't come with them, I suspect they do it at the dealership, as the dealer had done that recall on my 2007.

    It's easy enough to check while driving.

    On all of my other vehicles, including the Camry before this recall, if you drive down the road with your right foot on the accelerator holding any given speed, and then you put your foot on the brake while you continue to accelerate, the car will slow from the braking but the engine will continue to try to keep the car moving from you pressing the accelerator pedal. The rpm's will stay up where you have the accelerator pressed at.

    What occurs now on the Camry after that earlier recall from last year, is that as soon as you put your foot on the brake, the engine rpm's/speed drop. Doesn't matter how much you have pressed the accelerator, the brake 'overrides' the accelerator.

    They also grind off the bottom part of the accelerator pedal, and remove some of the padding from underneath the carpet. All of these give more space between the pedal and the carpet.

    So just take the 2010 for a test drive, cruise along at say 40mph by applying a constant right foot on the acceleartor pedal, and then with your left foot lightly apply the brakes. The engine rpm's will drop, and the brake pedal overrides the accelerator pedal.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Member Posts: 750
    Hmmm, when did they start installing brake override? I thought the last 2 recalls were for the floor mat and inserting a small piece of metal in the break.
  • chicagocamrychicagocamry Member Posts: 29
    The press release for the 2011 Avalon says it will have brake override and redesigned accelerator pedal. Hence I was wondering if they will also be available on the 2011 Camry.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    edited March 2010
    As I have come to understand this, the 'floor mat' recall, had three pieces to it.
    - grind off the bottom of the gas pedal, to make more clearance between it and the carpet.
    - take out a piece of the padding underneath the carpet, under the gas pedal,
    - do the software load which does the brake override.

    I never did the that original recall of the 'floormats', because I use WeatherTechs and there is plenty of clearance between the pedal and the floor.

    I actually went in thinking I should do the little metal shim thingie in the gas pedal (the latest more public recall), and come to find out that my vehicle didn't have the gas pedal that had the problem....I have the other mfg gas pedal But as they were checking my VIN number indicated that I should have had the first one done, so I told them to go ahead and do that floormat recall.

    The three pieces were called out and listed on my receipt, as to what was done.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Since the 2011 Camry is going to be the last model year for the 7th Generation, I wanted to find out from Camry owners/leasees, etc what do you like on the current Camry you would not want Toyota to change/get rid of and what you like to see change or improved upon with the Camry when the 8th Generation comes out next year for 2012???

    More importantly, would do you think Toyota has to do to make the Camry competitive against the new Sonata and Fusion??

    I have ideas in mind but would love to hear what you all think first!
  • chicagocamrychicagocamry Member Posts: 29
    I would like them to maintain their reliability. I have been using my current Toyota for more than 14 years, and it has hardly required anything other than routine maintenance. I would like them to continue to maintain quality like that.
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731
    edited April 2010
    Some ideas which comes to mind:

    To be competitive with the Fusion -

    Inspiring handling, improve steering feel (not too firm, just more precise and add "some" road feel - I am afraid they will mess up with new EPS like on the Corolla or even Sienna); better stereo/radio LCD with more info at a time, with higher resolution (to mimic todays mp3 players) and get rid of that TEXT button and the need to toggle between different information; backup sensors for higher end models; better bluetooth, which comes closer to SYNC; illuminated controls for power door locks/mirrors; get rid of intrusive hinges in trunk; add some sound absorbing material.

    For the Sonata:

    Add more content for the money and longer warranty comes to mind first.... Sonata, for example, features heated outside mirrors across the line. Higher quality materials; squeeze out more horsepower from the I4 engine, but not at the expense of mileage.

    I hope they will retain the interior door grab handles, redesign the power window switches, add the mini LCD display (featured on the Highlander, new Sienna, and I think Venza) which shows you nice graphical information at a glance, plus a backup camera, and maybe they should add date, and day of week; Add some better in-line stability (like Honda vehicles); and add some other features found in many Toyota vehicles. like illuminated cup holders; better quality and "smoother" leather for XLE; remote starter on key/fob option for lower-end models without keyless start; Keep the simple, logical controls and knobs - DO NOT REPLACE ANY KNOBS WITH BUTTONS (like they did on Sienna); add some more storage bins.

    A personal need - notify on dashboard status of wiper (it's hard to figure out in Japanese cars the status of your wipers, since it has so many modes, low, high, interval, etc.); and also notify a different icon when just PARKING LAMPS are on, than full headlamps.

    Also, Honda have 2 cruise notifications, when you enable CRUISE, the word CRUISE appears in all vehicles, even if still not engaged. When you engage (i.e. press SET), another notification appears that it is SET (on Honda vehicles) which is very informative.

    I will add more when it comes to mind. Please share your own ideas as well.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Now that is the kind of pros and cons review for the next Gen Camry I'm talking about; Great job man!

    Can't argue with you on any of the points you made. I think Toyota would be smart to upgrade or add these features to be competitive with the Fusion and Sonata!
  • delraybuzzdelraybuzz Member Posts: 2
    Great question and replies! As a 1st Generation owner who moved from the Corona Mark II when it morphed into the first Camry, and having owned at least 5 models since then, I agree that the reliability has kept me in the Camry family many years! I agree with almost everything preceding this post, so these may be frivolous suggestions, except for wanting a better warranty than the 3 years, 36000 we now have!
    How about the compass on the rear view mirror becoming standard? And while my favorite color of all time was the Medium Red Pearl (nothing newer beats that red!), I would love to see more of the really gorgeous Spruce Mica (NOT the metallic) being available! The automatic door locks should be continued, and a greater choice of lower price radios with multiple DVD availability. Many of us older folk are not into all the new technical TEXTS, Mp 3, etc, but we love to hear our music while driving!
    While years ago, I gymkhana'd and raced, I haven't considered another model since I bought my first Camry. Now I want comfort and reliability with the old Toyota quality!
  • Elliot UdellElliot Udell Member Posts: 83
    I want to buy a new camry. I have questions for those already own them. 1) has anyone experience the accelerator runaway problem that has been all over the media in recent months? 2) Does the 4 cylinder engine get enough power to safely get you onto a highway? I am use to the avalon which is 6 cylinders but it also uses a lot of gas.

  • 89fj6289fj62 Member Posts: 20
    The I 4 is totally adequate. The pedal fix seemed to feel better than the worn original.I have had no problems with the pedal. Mywife's 2007 has had very few problems. The brakes look almost new at 36,000 miles.I have the base Camry and I am amazed at the standard features. I liked it so much I bought a 2009 Highlander Hybrid for myself.
    Toyota is getting a bum rap. My son complains of the floor mats in his non Toyota truck and I remember my dad telling me over 40 years ago "always check the floor mat" when you get in.
  • 00820082 Member Posts: 16
    Nice suggestions. I always think current Camry is the best in terms of ergonomic but you made some nice suggestions and what to avoid.

    One thing I'd add is make USB standard.
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731
    edited April 2010
    Some other suggestion and nit-picking:

    I hate some recent grilles on many Toyotas. The 2010 Camry redesign is not as nice and classical as the 2007-2009 gen. They changed it just for the sake of change. I also don't like the Venza, and definitely not the new Sienna, which looks to me like it is "embarrassing".. (except for the SE version). The 2009 Avalon is very nice and elegant.

    I would also like yellow real signal lamps. They keep on changing between red & yellow, also just for the sake of change. I do love the nice redesigned rear LED tail lamps on the Camry, though.

    I would like bigger mirrors on the sun visor. And have a "secondary" visor, which once upon a time was a common feature among many vehicles but recently disappeared.

    Heated mirrors on all trims. Like Sonata and some others. Would also love auto-dimming exterior mirrors option. I would also like bigger outside mirrors.

    Some more interesting beep notifications for seat belt, lights on, key in ignition (with driver door open), etc. The Ford Fusion added some nice sounds, and so does Honda. Honda has different sounds for different notifications.

    Wiper de-icer, used on the Sienna, is an excellent idea. I would love to see that on all Toyota models.

    Audio system featuring mp3 players with Hard-Drive integration, like so many Chrysler & GM models. (Also the NAVIGATION system should be HD based, not DVD based).

    Interior fuel door / Trunk releases more easily accessible.

    I will add more soon. In the mean time, add yours as well.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    The Camry is a nice car. I think the '10-11 drive train was an improvement. However, if you're a six-footer, there are two serious ergonomic weaknesses. The roof is too low. If you get a sunroof, you've got to recline the seatback too much to fit. The seat bottoms are also a bit short on thigh support which shows up if you're doing a long drive.
  • 00820082 Member Posts: 16
    What you don't like about 10/11 Camry? I think they did a good job on the bumper. And even though it is 5 years old, I think it is still one of best looking family sedan along with the new Sonata and Mazda6.
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731
    It's just the new grille that I can't take. I like more classic style, like to '07-'09 grille. Otherwise, bumpers are nicely done. The SE is still nice.
  • 00820082 Member Posts: 16
    The 2010 Camry actually has this already. When you enable CRUISE, speedometer with an arrow icon will appear. When you actually set the speed, there is a SET word display next to the speedometer. The icon may not be as easy to understand as the word "CRUISE" but it does make the dashboard look a lot nicer and less clutter with all the "words".

    ---- Also, Honda have 2 cruise notifications, when you enable CRUISE, the word CRUISE appears in all vehicles, even if still not engaged. When you engage (i.e. press SET), another notification appears that it is SET (on Honda vehicles) which is very informative. -----
  • connecticut2connecticut2 Member Posts: 41
    I have 2000 Camry and it's been pretty bad in snow in spite of using the best "winter" tires I could buy; - it would fishtail, skid, etc...Does anybody happen to know if the late Camry models (2010-2011) are just as bad or have they been improved?

  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    edited September 2010
    They have been improved, DRAMATICALLY improved.

    But not so that the average driver will appreciate it.

    As a FWD and/or F/awd SAFETY measure TC, Traction Control, will now INSTANTLY activate, severely dethrottling the engine while braking the slipping/skidding 9DRIVEN) wheel(s). You will not be able to move forward absent being VERY gingerly, feathering, the gas pedal ever so lightly.

    Some new vehicles using this more aggressive TC have an "off" button so you can more easily get up and going on the slippery stuff, on an incline, or rock back and forth to get "unstuck".

    All newer FWD and/or F/awd vehicles will now have this new SAFETY feature. For even greater safety and a much more beneign TC system look to a RWD or R/awd vehicle if you often drive on an adverse, slippery, roadbed in the wintertime.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    They have been improved, DRAMATICALLY improved.

    But not so that the average driver will appreciate it.

    As a FWD and/or F/awd SAFETY measure TC, Traction Control, will now INSTANTLY activate, severely dethrottling the engine while braking the slipping/skidding (DRIVEN) wheel(s). Since this new TC design will not allow even the slightest level of driven wheelspin/slip you will not be able to move forward absent being VERY gingerly, feathering, the gas pedal ever so lightly.

    This is an important SAFETY measure on the part of FWD and F/awd manufacturers as loss of directional control can be almost INSTANT once front front wheel traction is lost due to engine torque, leading or lagging, compression braking, engine torque.

    Some new vehicles using this more aggressive TC have an "off" button so you can more easily get up and going on the slippery stuff, on an incline, or rock back and forth to get "unstuck".

    All newer FWD and/or F/awd vehicles will now have this new SAFETY feature. For even greater safety and a much more beneign TC system look to a RWD or R/awd vehicle if you often drive on an adverse, slippery, roadbed in the wintertime.
  • connecticut2connecticut2 Member Posts: 41
    edited October 2010
    1 thing - tighten the power steering at higher speeds, similar to what Sonata and Accord do. It would go a long way...

    btw, when are the 2012 Camry's are coming out?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Member Posts: 84
    The Camry has a plastic protector under the front of the engine...apparently it is easily pulled off. I took my 3 Month's old Camry to the dealer and he said that it was missing 4 of the plastic screws to hold it up. He wanted to charge me...I said no way..I have not hit anything and it seems like poor engineering to me. The dealership let me get by with ONE complementary reinstall. This is completely shameful. A company like Toyota building one of the best sedans on the market and having such poor engineering of the engine protector and than wanting the customer to pay for it. C'mon Toyota...whats up with this? :lemon:

    Jimmy Drew
  • jimdrewjimdrew Member Posts: 84
    Anyone know how we complain to Toyota...I can't believe they would design this wonderful car with a built in problem....of course I am referring to my previous post of the engine protector under the car.

    Jimmy Drew
  • jimdrewjimdrew Member Posts: 84
    I have the 2011 LE with auto transmission and 4 cylinder....it is great...I was going to buy the V6 but they let me drive a 4 cylinder over night...and wow was I impressed. Yes, this will get you on the freeway, no problem.

    Jimmy Drew
  • delbardelbar Member Posts: 32
    Toyota Headquarters phone # is 800-331-4331 - good luck
    i placed a call to them but was told to just take to service dept for tranny issues
    service dept. cancelled my appt and have not heard back from them so i will continue the battle until they resolve the jerky tranny issue
    but if anyone has a complaint they truly need to go on record at h q
    if hq gets enough calls they will have to address the issues
  • phylis1phylis1 Member Posts: 3
    My newly purchased car (3 weeks) has provided me several unhappy surprises. The first issue rose when we had rain and I opened the car door to discover rain inside the door frame. It wasn't in the car -- just inside the door frame, which I fear will rust. I called the dealer and they said that was standard for Toyota -- so long as it does not get into the car it is acceptable. The water spots leave ugly looking splotches on the frame so when it stops raining I run out with my towel and dry the door frames. I even had ice inside the door frame (but not inside the car proper) after we had some severe cold weather.
    My second unhappy surprise was that the door locks sometimes do not work. I took it back to the dealer, but the door locks always worked for them. They didn't think they could fix anything they couldn't make happen, so I have to check my door locks each time I start the car. Perhaps it will get bad enough that they will eventually be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.
    Have a couple of other build issues with the car, and will likely post about them later. I am very disappointed with the quality of the build on my car and want to caution others who might be considering a purchase.

  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    How many cars have you owned? I have never owned a car that didn't get water on the door frames. That is why there are rubber seals around the frame so water will not enter the passenger space. The dealer is correct. Cars are designed this way. The doors would have to be welded shut and sealed to stop water from getting on the frame. Then you couldn't get in.
  • phylis1phylis1 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. Since I did not have that issue with my Tercel, nor do I have it with my truck, it was a total surprise to me.
    I thought that a simple rubber strip along the edges of the door would be adequate to keep the water out.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I agree with the other poster about the door frames and rubber seals. The trunk is made the same way -- there is a space inside the lid but outside the rubber which will get wet or dusty depending on conditions. Rust won't be a problem, because the surfaces are painted.

    As for the door locks not working, there is a situation with the Camry (and presumably other Toyotas) where this is normal. If you lock all the doors with the remote and leave someone else inside, that person will not be able to unlock the doors by using the power lock button on either front door. The person can still exit the car by pulling on the door handle (front door) or manually flipping the door lock and then pulling on the door handle (rear door). If the car has an alarm system, the alarm will sound if any door is opened in this manner.

    You can test this out yourself by leaving a front window down, locking all the doors with the remote, and then trying to activate the power lock switch on the inside door panel. You'll find it won't work.
  • realtor6realtor6 Member Posts: 1
    The switch, which control the inside circulation or air from outside, automatically switch from inside circulation mode to outside one. This only happens when the weather is cold. The dealers says that is the way being designed to. But it is very annoying especially when the air belows to your face, the cold air makes you feel unconfortable. Did anybody feels the same?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Human metabolism continually adds moisture to the car interior, breathing, perpiration. Recirculating that same air over and over again would eventualy result in fogging a COLD windshield interior surface. Even with the A/C operational in many climatic conditions it may not be efficient enough for dehumidification to really help. Plus which the A/C will shut down completely if the OAT declines below ~35F.

    Even in the summertime if the A/C is turned off the system will switch to "fresh" within about 2 minutes.

    The discomfort of cool airflow to the face and upper body when the human comfort equation indicates otherwise is a matter of REAL stupidty, IDIOCY, on the part of the NIPPONDENSO HVAC engineering team.

    But you can overcome their stupidty, IDIOCY, by having the dealer change the factory c-best setting so the system doesn't automatically switch to cooling mode. Not even on the coldest night in the dead of winter
  • snowallergysnowallergy Member Posts: 135
    I also don't like the Venza, and definitely not the new Sienna, which looks to me like it is "embarrassing".. (except for the SE version).

    I'm with you on those two especially the sienna. What's up with that? The series that began in 2004 is where they lost me on that vehicle. 2003 and prior it was a nice little van. Now it's a tank. No tanks.
  • snowallergysnowallergy Member Posts: 135
    It's gotten bigger to the point it's no longer a midsize car. My 01 is a nice size for a camry. Once I saw what the 02's looked like, I jumped on a leftover 01. They need better seat bottoms in the car. Looks like current owners are complaing about the same things I do in mine.

    They should look to the kia optima if they want to compete on styling. Fusion is bland. Don't care about heated seats or anything else for that matter, nav etc ect. Just make a reliable car, but give it a total redesign stylewise. Take some cues from their own FT-86. If that car is any indication, they're heading in the right direction. They just need to release it already.
  • phylis1phylis1 Member Posts: 3
    Apparently I did not explain my problem adequately. It was my understanding that the car doors would lock automatically when I put the car in drive. The problem is that sometimes they lock; sometimes they don't lock. I don't feel comfortable driving around not knowing whether my doors are actually locked or not. Having to roll down the window and check the outdoor handle to be sure they are locked is not something I would expect to have to do.


  • debbie68debbie68 Member Posts: 17
    Hi. Yesterday I purchased a pre-owned 2011 Camry. This morning, driving in the rain, with my headlights on, the lighting level of my instrument panel suddenly went down on its own. I thought that was strange and manually adjusted the lighting level up. A few minutes later, it went back up on its own, so I had a very bright panel I had to adjust down again. Coming home, again with headlights in the rain, the same lighting went down again, I manually adjusted it and about 20 minutes later it suddenly went bright again.

    A post from last year said this is caused by a wire shorting behind the instrument panel. I am going back to the dealer tomorrow. If anyone knows of other reasons for this happening, or how to fix it, I would appreciate your input.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    edited October 2011
    Your car is operating perfectly normal. The car automatically adjusts to the outside lighting levels. In other words, it will turn the brightness up when it is lighter outside, and down when it is darker (because when the surrounding light is very dim or dark, you don't need a very bright instrument panel.) It will always do this, but you can adjust the brightness by turning the trip odometer clockwise or counter-clockwise. Find the setting you like and leave it there.

    You are noticing it because it is new to you, and in the rain the outside light levels vary. Try it on a regular day, and you will see it does not go up and down frequently, if ever. Try it at night, or on a sunny day, and you will see that it is fine.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • debbie68debbie68 Member Posts: 17
    But my dash light diminished in intensity from the way I had set it while I was driving in the rain...it increased suddenly but it was not darker (that I could see).

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Really, it is fine - it is supposed to do this. You can set it to one level, but it turns it even brighter when it is light out, then darker when dark out. I have a 2010 & a 2007, which are the same as a 2011 - mine do the same thing, and you will notice it more when raining. You are just not noticing the slight variance in brightness of the environment.

    I bet any money that if you went out for a drive right now, it will stay at one setting (because it is dark out, unless you are on the west coast!)

    Don't bother with the dealer, they will tell you the same as what I am saying. Also check with the Toyotanation forums if you want further confirmation.
  • debbie68debbie68 Member Posts: 17
    This is all strange to me! Especially because when I was driving in the rain, the light did not change, it was overcast.

    On the other hand, when I drove under an overpass, the light switched down then -- but again came up suddenly, without change in the outside light.

    Sounds like this effect is amplified for you when the headlights are in auto versus changing them manually. I had set the headlights manually....
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Yep, when you went under the overpass, the dash lights dimmed, but then they would have gotten brighter again after you got out from under it. Both mine act the same as yours - perfectly normal.

    In the rain, at times, the light level in the environment can be VERY close to the point where the sensor would turn down the intensity of the dash lights, and since it is that close, it may decide with out you even noticing, that it needs to turn it back up just because the environment light got just SLIGHTLY brighter again.

    Again, ask at Toyotanation, go for a drive right now (if it is after sunset) or go for a drive on a non-rainy day. You will see that your car is fine!
  • debbie68debbie68 Member Posts: 17
    Not to be working this, but the lights did not come back after I went under the overpass for another 20 minutes...I really want to understand this!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    Correct, there is a delay, so that it does not go back and forth too much. I have noticed the same thing. Did you go out for a drive at night yet? Or just wait until after sunrise. It is fine. Have a good night, and don't worry about it.
  • debbie68debbie68 Member Posts: 17
    Thank you for your insight and assistance!

  • goldenstonegoldenstone Member Posts: 4
    Got quotation for Toyota Camry 2011 base at $18,800 excluding TTL.
    Camry 2011 LE at $19,980.
    Also got quotation for 2012 base (L?) at $19,980

    Are the above quotations reasonable? If so which one is better to buy? Thanks for any comments
  • goldenstonegoldenstone Member Posts: 4
    Quotation for Toyota Camry different models as follows,

    2011 Base model (L) $18.8k, car only
    2011 LE model $19.9k car only
    2012 Base model $21.2k car only

    Do you think the quotations are reasonable?

    Golden Stone
  • 89fj6289fj62 Member Posts: 20
    My local dealer
    $20,999 for 2012 Camry in Sunday paper ad so your 21,200 isn't bad
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