4.0 grand cherokee engine replacement

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where do I connect the lifting chain to remove the engine.
and how do I get at the 3 top engine-to-transmission bolts? Can't seem to reach them.


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    Engine Swaps may be helpful.

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    I just replaced an engine in my jeep and you should have a couple of bolts sticking up on the top side of the motor that you can slide a chain over and thread on a washer and nut. As far as the three bolts you have to raise the front of the vehicle and then after you dislodge it from the motor mounts lower the engine with the hoist and it will create enough room to acces those bolts. They are still very hard to get to and putting them back on is also a challenge.
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    Thanks, I lowered the transmission (I was worried about the leverage if I dislodged the motor from it's mounts.) By taking down the transmission crossmember about 4 inches (first put jack under tranny) I could get at the bolts. but there is one near the shift rod that you must first take the shift rod off it's bracket. Now I'm worried that the exhaust pipe will get in the way of removing the engine. I will try to lower it in relation to the transmission by removing the bolts attaching it to the crossmember. I haven't figured out how to negotiate the 2 transmission cooler pipes. Maybe I can just force them a bit out of the way of the engine. Hate to try to remove them from the tranny-- fittings are old. I don't have a lift so I'm working on the ground. Maybe I could just cut them and repair each later with a small length of pipe to fit over them. Need the proper glue though. or maybe rubber tubing with clamps; I doubt that there is much pressure in those lines. .
    Would appreciate your input. thanks again.
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