09 Matrix recall

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Has anyone found articles online that tell about this model being involved in an accident THAT WAS CAUSED BY FAULTY GAS PEDALS or electronics?
All I can find are lawyers trolling for people to join class action suits.


  • papafrewpapafrew Member Posts: 2
    I have been unable to find out what kind of accelerator design the 2003 Toyota Matrix had. Considering the results of the police investigation, my son's fatal crash in 2006 was consistent with sudden uncontrolled acceleration.
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    I had a 2003 pontiac vibe (same as a matrix) and have been searching for the same info. I went through my garage and everyone had me convinced that I only thought I was stomping on the brakes and that it was really the accelerator. I finally feel justified. And despite literally crashing through the garage door and out the back of the garage (the car would have kept going if it hadn't gotten stuck on the sill as it was still accelerating despite my feet still not on the pedal) the air bag never deployed. Thank goodness I wasn't hurt. I am so sorry about your son. I will keep looking for an answer too.
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