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How to import new Mercedes-Benz to Canada from USA

shawnlinshawnlin Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Hi Everyone, I'd really appreciate if someone knows how to import a new Mercedes-Benz to Canada from US. I'd like to purchase a new E63 AMG from US mostly California.




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    azdinoazdino Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2010
    You are asking for a passel of difficulty to even begin to try this. Some of the issues I bumped into a while back include; 1 - emission standards are different; 2 - have to certify the achieving of the importing country's passenger safety standards; 3 - ditto for crash standards (air bags, crush zones, pedestrian safety, etc); 4 - support for the car from the dealer or manufacturer will most likely be non-existent especially for an AMG; 5 - then you have to get tons of import documentation together for national and provincial authorities; 6 - there will be substantial fees just to get started.

    Oh, by the way, don't forget he PST and GST. If you try to avoid those they also add a penalty.

    My suggestion is to NOT IMPORT but have a California address, license and registration for the car. Of course that should also be your tax home if you can swing it. Careful on this one as the local officials would notice this $ooner or later and start a$king question$.

    Overall - and to keep to your specific question - I suggest you start by contacting AMG direct and the provincial Motor Vehicle Department and proceed from there.

    Bring a big check book and consider it a life experience!

    A former Montrealer and Calgarian (go Flames)

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    vbk2vbk2 Member Posts: 1
    california dealer said its not posible for canadian to buy his car because
    i couldn't pay the sales tax as i did not have a us address. He said the
    only way to buy from him is to have proof the car will be shipped home.
    I only wanted to buy it and drive it home. Whats the problem with this.
    I can't buy a car in the usa, and drive it off the lot with my own insurance
    binder. I know someone in the past that did this. Are they crazy! I said
    I would be happy to pay the stupid state tax even though I think I shouldn't
    have to pay it since I would be leaving the same fricken day. They said
    Im not allowed to pay the tax because i am not a us resident.
    Have you heard of this before???
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    edited September 2010
    We have a much more general topic on Importing a car to Canada from the US.
    It's a lot more active, so you might find faster help by posting there.

    Need help navigating? kirstie_h@edmunds.com - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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    rjmbcrjmbc Member Posts: 51
    CA collects sales tax on the basis of "where the tires first touch the road" after a sale. If you want to avoid paying the sales tax, you must have the vehicle shipped outside of CA - either NV or OR will work. Most dealers will arrange for delivery outside of CA.
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