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tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
I'm going to pick up my new Touring tomorrow. I didn't bother buying the adaptor cable that allows you to plug an ipod's USB cable into the stereo so that the car stereo controls can select songs from the ipod. I guess I figure I can get a more inexpensive one later if I decide I need it. Does anyone have experience with these cables, and do you recommend them?
And in general, do you like the stereo in your Touring?


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    I don't have an ipod,I noticed the "ipod" adapter has a USB and a stereo RCA jack on the adapter. I plugged my newer mp3 player in and the stereo brought up the player. You can use the stereo to control the player. Use the tune knob to select the chapter (folder) and can then FF through the song/chapter. I have an older MP3 player the stereo does not recognize. I plugged it into the AUX port & low and behold, by pressing the aux button, it will switch between the two! My only complaint is the the USB MP3 player always starts at the beginning of the files. This is tough when you're listening to a book.Other than that - for what you pay for the vehicle, awesome stereo!
  • tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. I ended up buying the special cable as well. It cost me $45, including tax at the nearest dealer, which is a bit of a ripoff, since the Hyundai site says they cost $35. But there does not seem to be any alternative. If you plug the ipod usb cable in, the stereo can't read it. It *is* pretty cool to use the car stereo to flip through all the songs on my ipod. But I bet that in 6 months, Radio Shack will be selling a cable that allows you to do it for 1/2 the price.
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    I bought the Hyundai cable on ebay, it cost $16 or so. Works fine and yes, it IS cool.
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    Can anyone tell me the speaker placement on the E Touring SE system? Are there high-placed tweeters? How good are the stock speakers?

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
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    Very good. There are tweeters in the A columns (windshield pillars). Also speakers in the doors, and somewhere there is a strong sub-woofer. One thing that is important to note is that the subwoofer amp may not be turned on when you get the car. Simple menu driven operation on the radio, takes seconds. I recommend the lowest power setting unless you are testing your tooth fillings.

  • tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
    Are you sure about that subwoofer? The Hyundai website and brochure advertise a 6-speaker stereo - so maybe yours was added by the dealer?

    Anyway, I'm usually VERY satisfied with the stereo except for the moments when I want seriously aggro volume. I'm no audiophile, but I'm a musician, and it sounds pretty crisp to me. A subwoofer would help a bit.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Under the Setup menu, scroll down to the bottom, it will be like the fifth item down. There you will see "P. Bass" with the options for "Off Low Med Hi". You have to pick one to turn on the subwoofer. Low is great, Med is pretty loud, and Hi will find any rattles in your car. This is the factory standard radio for the touring SE. If you haven't turned on the Subwoofer, you are in for a big surprise.

    We also have a 2010 Tucson Ltd, and the radio in my Touring is much better. In fact, there have been several owners complain at my dealership that there is nothing coming from the sub-woofer in the Tucson. I spoke with the dealer this afternoon, and they are investigating. At full bass setting, the sub is putting out maybe 2% of the audio, basically like the amp is not working and all you are getting is pass-through.

    Check your owners manual on page 4-136 for a very brief list of the menu items under the setup menu.

    Hope this helps.

  • tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Jim - I'll check it out!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    I just went out an played with the radio. I think they may not be using a discrete woofer, but boosting the bass on one set of the door speakers.

    Whatever they did, the bass really kicks!
  • jaydramajaydrama Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone pursued an aftermarket (mostly Chinese by the looks of them) GPS/Bluetooth/Stereo unit designed to fit the profile of the ET center stack? I'm in Europe for the next month and if I can grab a European "i30 part" to bring back, I may.

  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
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    I just tired your instructions Jim, and there is no P-bass on my radio (2010 HET GLS). I was also told by the dealer that the factory made some mid course changes during the 2010 year, in that the current ones don't come with an ash tray, and put in a second power plug instead of the lighter. Perhaps the P-bass option was removed as well? We use our ash tray as a coin holder. What do your cars have instead of the ash tray? I'm feeling a bit slighted!! :cry:
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
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    Interesting. Mine does have the ashtray and lighter, with a 12vdc outlet on the other side of the ashtray. I would have rather just had the two 12v plugs.

    The radio thing is odd. That is an outside supplied item and I would think it strange that they would make a swap in the early portion of the production year, unless my radio is a late '09 and yours a true '10?

    I will go back and read my message about the p-bass. I know it is not under the Audio menu, but on the second screen of set up options. Just noticed that you have the GLS and mine is the SE (old sports car habits die hard!). I wonder if that is the difference on the radio?
  • tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
    It's a bit confusing that they don't include the P-Bass with the other audio controls (Bass, Mid, Fade etc.). It has its own section in the set up menu. I did find it, and it does make a nice difference, even without a true subwoofer. Maxx - take another look and make sure it's not there?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
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    I've done it over 10 times. The owner's manual, as Jim described, does have the P-Bass listed as the option after Temp (C or F). However, when I scroll through, there is just blank spaces after Temperature. The manual also does say above the picture of the radio (if equipped), so I'm wondering if there are two different models. My stereo sure looks like the picture in the owner's manual.
    Instructions: with the radio on, hit the Setup button. Scroll down using the radio knob. There is nothing after Temp, so my GLS clearly does not come with it, and the ET brochure says nothing about having it on the SE. What is SDVC by the way?
    My GLS with Preferred Package and Bluetooth is a 2010, and was assembled in June 2009. It must have sat on the dealer's lot for quite some time. Again, my dealer told me that they took out the ashtray and lighter on the later 2010 models.
  • tyronicustyronicus Member Posts: 7
    I'm stumped, Max. But I hope you're enjoying it anyway!
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    Yes, very much. My color and package were only one of eight in the country, and we were able to find a local dealer who would trade with another dealer 5 hours away, AND drive our car back for us. That's 10 hours of headache I did not have to incur. thanks for all your feedback.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Speed Dependent (or Determined) Volume Control

    Raises and lowers the volume based on the speed of the car. GM has had that in the Delco/Bose radios for years. Nice feature.
  • hcahca Member Posts: 3
    My GLS is a basic model, no preferred package or bluetooth (although I do have the Ipod cable). It does indeed have the P-Bass option, however. I didn't realize that until I read this forum. Glad I did, as it does make a difference.

    Regarding the ashtray and lighter - I have neither. I do have the storage compartment that takes up the space where the ashtray would have been, and I have a second 12v outlet where the lighter would have been. No problem for us, since we are non-smokers, though. Mine was made in Feb 2010, so maybe somewhere along the line they made the changes.
  • dougndodougndo Member Posts: 136
    I had an older iPod Nano that sat in a desk drawer for more than a year as the iPhone became my combo phone and music player. After getting a 2012 Touring SE that included the iPod cable, I grabbed the Nano, plugged it in, and have been using it exclusively for music ever since. It just plays, and plays, and plays...

    Love it!

    I've had the car a month and haven't repeated a song yet. I also like the fact that I can control many of the functions right from the steering wheel and that all iPod functionality is available on screen once you master the front panel controls. This is a pretty nice sound system for a relatively inexpensive car, and I think it gives a far better presentation than I'm used to in a vehicle of this class.

    Now I guess I should try the CD player. :P
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