1992 Rodeo 4X4 3.1 L. parts Cross Reference

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Hi everyone. I've been told that I could save money by cross referencing parts I need for my 1992 Rodeo 4X4 3.1 L. V6 made by other auto makers such as GM especially when it comes to Drivetrain, Transmission, Shocks, Brakes, & Rear End (differential), etc., because evidently my truck isn't entirely built by Isuzu. Is this true? And if so, could you please let me know who actually made the parts for my drivetrain and other areas mentioned above? I have isolated my vibration problem which seems to be the 'Driveshaft Center Support' as in neutral I can physically move the shaft within the bearing up and down nearly 3/4 inch.
This information could really help me as I'm disabled and on fixed income and the part obviously needs replaced ASAP.
I thank you for your time in reading this post and my other and for the help.
Have a great day!


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    I have the same truck... I work for napa, so i have the ability to research parts all day long... The drive train seems to be an abortion between the ISUZU front end and the GM [non-permissible content removed] end. The center support brg i bought from bumper to bumper, because they are expensive, but the replacement is something that you can do at home with basic tools. I was able to upgrade my Alternator from 80A to 105A, and changed the PS pump to that off of a blazer with a 2.8, and it steers SOOOO much easier...
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