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Azera Trunk Lip Spoiler

SilverBullet00SilverBullet00 Member Posts: 102
edited July 2014 in Hyundai
Has anyone installed a trunk lip spoiler on their Azera and if so, what brand did you find to be the best? Source of supply would also be appreciated.


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    azgrandazgrand Member Posts: 50
    edited March 2010
    I have one on mine. I ordered it from Korean Auto Imports, but it was shipped to me directly from South Korea. Took about 6 weeks to get. Here's links to a couple of pictures.

    Rear Spoiler Pic 1

    Rear Spoiler Pic 2
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    SilverBullet00SilverBullet00 Member Posts: 102
    azgrand, Thanks for your reply and the pictures, I like the way it looks. :)
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    azgrandazgrand Member Posts: 50
    Sorry it took so long to respond. The paint on the spoiler is not an exact match (nobody notices but me), but I'm guessing this metallic Sage color is difficult to match. Plus, I understand it is not a color offered in Korea, so they probably didn't have much experience with it.

    It does dress up the tail end nicely without being too big.
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