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CostGuard experience

arhipoffarhipoff Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Honda
I bought my Odyssey in 2008 in Boston area together with Complete CostGuard package. Major selling point of the CostGuard to me was a promise (by a finance lady) that I can replace all 4 tires once they are worn out during my 7 year coverage.
Unfortunately CostGuard papers I got by mail don’t mention this tire replacement feature. ..
Nevertheless I'm still hoping that I can change my tires with CostGuard and wondering if anybody already had this experience. Or any experience with CostGuard at all?


  • arhipoffarhipoff Posts: 2
    Hey guys,
    10 days and no comments!?
    Has anybody ever used CostGuard?
  • mbillombillo Posts: 8
    I haven't heard of CostGuard but don't you think its too late for this. You bough the van in 2008 and I assume would have gootten the paper s within a few days. If you didn't find what you were told, you should have checked with the dealership that sold you that. Also most of the new carr warranties/packages can be returned back within a 7-30 days.

    You should have a contact no for CostGuard. They will tell you if your tires are covered or not
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