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Power window issue

madlad1madlad1 Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Nissan
I have a 1999 Quest SE. The passenger window and the 2 back vents will not function with the master switch or the switch on the passenger’s side. The driver side window works fine. I pulled the switch out and tested it, based on the pins in a Hayes manual. It appeared to be bad, went to Nissan ad purchased a new switch. That didn’t correct the issue. There is a relay somewhere, the hayes manual show it, but it not where they show it. Does anyone know where this relay maybe? Is it one in the “bank of 6” under the dash by the fuses? I have look all over the hayes manual and it only shows the one that isn't there. This book covers the several years and I have found many errors in it.


  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    Go to Nissanhelp and download the electric manual. It has everything you need and then some more.

    Hope this helps.
  • madlad1madlad1 Posts: 2
    I found the issue with the right window, looks like it's the motor. Have one ordered and should be in tomorrow. Anyone replace the rear vent motors? Those quit working as well, so I need to check voltage to the motors. Any idea's how to get to them?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 310
    I have a 2000 Quest GXE with 118,000 miles.

    The drivers side power window is giving me problems. Earlier it would make a creaking noise whenever I would roll the window up or down. Lately the noise has diminished but the window moves very SLOWLY. It almost feels that the motor is laboring to move the glass. I dont open the window any more fearing that I will be stuck with an open window.

    1) How do I determine if the problem is the motor or regulator?
    2) Any URLs where I can buy these parts cheaper than my local dealer?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited April 2010
    Have you tried cleaning the glass; maybe wax the edges? Owners of older Miatas use lithium grease in the tracks for their slow power windows. They apply it to the tracks with a Q Tip. I guess if the tracks are dirty the strain can cause the switch to draw more power and burn the contacts.

    Courtesy Nissan has online sales and Rock Auto has a lot of aftermarket stuff.
  • I've a 2001 Mercury Villager Sport. Your description of what was occurring with your drivers side power windows is EXACTLY the description of what was occurring with my passenger side power window. :cry:

    That window is now completely down, and I found this website while looking for a way to put the window back in the fully closed position.

    Was your issue the motor, the contacts/switch or both?

    Do you know if there is a means to roll the window back up in it's present state?
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