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Airplane Noise

tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
edited September 2014 in Ford
My 2003 eddie bauer ford expedition makes a sound like a 747 airplane starting to take off everytime i start my truck, particularly when its really cold and its been sitting overnight. can anyone tell me if they have the same problem and what they did to fix it.


  • trickyttrickyt Posts: 1
    hi tyshaun i was wondering if you ever got the issue resolve with your truck.I am having the same problem but my truck only does this when i fill my gas tank, i get the airplane noise and my engine light starts to blank on and off and it starts missing. i just sent it to the dealership and they said it seems to be my intake manifold leaking and a pcv blow out. very expensive to get fix so i was wondering what happened with your truck
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    I was told it was my serpentine belt, but I havent gotten around to check it out yet You could have other issues going on as well because my engine service light doesnt come on or it doesnt happen when I fill my tank up. It only happens when I start my truck up when its been sitting out in the cold for long periods of time. I never hear that sound during the warm weather but as soon as I get it done , Ill let you know the results.
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