2008 Dakota 4.7 auto Trans leak at tailshaft

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hello all,

My transmission has started to drip tranny fluid from out of the center of what I want to call the yoke that goes onto the output shaft at the rear of the transmission.

Its not a lot of fluid, its a few drops if it sits overnight parked on an incline with the rear end dowhill.

any idea? Is this a common problem?


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    Leaking seal? I do not know how common it is. Isn't that covered by the by the power train warranty?

    Sometimes they seal themselves back up. If it were me, and it's not covered under warranty, I would just keep an eye on the leak and the ATF level, and top off when needed.
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    If you have a 4.7 you have the 545RFE transmission. This tranny is about the most reliable on the market nowadays and I don't think this is a common problem at all. However, it doesn't mean it can't happen. I just drove a 2008 F150 last week with 10, 700 miles on it and the rear pinion seal had failed already.

    Any recent problems with a bad front U-joint, or have you had the driveshaft out of it recently?

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    The truck was sent back to a dodge dealer, they found a bad bushing that was pushing the rear seal out, they replaced the entire rear tailshaft housing and yep it was covered under the powetrain.

    They said it wasn't a common problem, but they had seen it before in that tranny.
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