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While installing an intake manifold on a 98 town car I twisted the EGR pipe. What happens if it is restricted or capped off?


  • patmcclellandpatmcclelland Member Posts: 5
    My car has 162,000 miles. The Lincoln dealer claimed that I needed a transmission and coolant flush. After paying $243.00 for both my car kept missing out. I learned that the manifold had a leak and when the dealer flushed the coolant it caused the leak to get worse. Unfortunately, I drove home before the missing happened and so we are in the process of changing the cracked manifold. I wanted to know if that are any other Lincoln town cars out there with this many miles and how many more miles do you think this car can get?
    Signed: wife of a mechanic who is not willing to let this car die.....
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    A cracked manifold is not an unusual problem for the that model Town Car. 162,000 miles is not extraordinary number of miles for your Town Car. You should be able to get 250,000+ miles out of it.
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    The car pulls hard to the right at normal speeds and slightly at highway speeds. Ive had it checked out and had an alignment done. Everything is fine. They reccomended in having the Speed Sensitive Steering checked.
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