Child Seat Placement in 2010 Forester

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We are very seriously considering buying a 2010 Forester. Right now my only concern is with the placement of the infant car seat (I am due in 3 days). I read that Subaru does not recommend putting the car seat in the center. Specifically, Consumer Reports says,

"Even though the rear center seat is often considered the safest seating position, Subaru recommends against child seat installation in that seat due to the projection of the seat cushion. Some rear-facing infant seat bases may also be subject to tilt when installed using the seatbelts in the outboard rear seats."

Does anyone out there have some experience with this? Where did you put your car seat? How secure is it? We have a Graco SnugRide in case that makes any difference.

Thanks so much!


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    Hmm, I have a 2009, but my kids had grown out of child seats and now use boosters.

    If it makes you feel better, the IIHS named Forester one of the very few Top Safey Picks in its class:


    Honda Element
    Jeep Patriot with optional side torso airbags
    Subaru Forester
    Volkswagen Tiguan

    It does well even in the tough side impact test, which is where your child would be sitting.

    For that seating position, injury measures for head, neck, torso, pelvis, and leg all earn the top score - Good.

    You baby should be very safe in that spot.
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    Here's a pic, it's big so I'll just share the link:

    They removed the doors after performing the test.

    As you can see the rear seat is completely intact. The child safety seat would offer further protection.
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    If this child will be the only rear seat occupant, you can really use any position in the rear. The seats are lightly bolstered (nothing like the previous generation Outback, which had a very noticeable hump and was, essentially, designed for four passengers unless someone had a hankering for a serious wedgie). If you mount the seat base using the lap belt, you can secure it very nicely by putting your body weight (I mean 'you' as in whomever does it.... I hope it will not be you, nine-months pregnant, attempting this feat!) down on the base as you secure the belt. The weight of an adult should sufficiently compress the bolstered cushion beneath such that the base will not cant, tilt, or otherwise move.

    That said, it will be somewhat more difficult to use the device in the middle position given the distance from the door access points. Is it safer? Yes, in the most severe side impact situations, but for practical purposes it is not. Additionally, it will make use of the two outboard seating positions impractical.

    The outboard positions cradle a carseat very nicely. In addition, the seat backs recline (not on base model) and therefore can be adjusted to match the recline of a child seat.

    Both of my children love to sit in the middle rear seat (so they can more easily see out the front) but rarely are afforded the opportunity. Since my daughter, 2.5, still uses a car seat with a five-point harness, it is strapped into the car and therefore not easily movable.
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    Reminds me - you can put a towel or some sort of non-slip liner between the child seat and the seat.
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