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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • :confuse: I own a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan with 223,000 miles and a 3.8 liter engine. While driving on the highway, I started to go down a steep hill and the steering wheel started to shake hard and irregular. I thought the wheel was falling off. The next day a Chrysler mechanic looked at it and said the wheels and all front end suspension components looked good and he could not duplicate the problem. I decided to drive the 90 miles home. 10 miles into it, the shaking started again. I noticed that it only does it when faster than ~30 mph and when decelerating. Applying brakes does not affect it. I drove it home. Can anyone tell me what this is? I am thinking differential pin after research but it sounds like that happens during acceleration and is more of a whine.
  • I am considering purchasing a 1996 Caravan from the original owner. It has 123,000 miles on it and he has the paperwork that it has been faithfully maintained the entire time that he owned it, including tranny fluid changes. I am not a Mopar guy myself so I need some expert opinions on whether or not you think this tranny will last. I guess my gut feeling is that if the tranny made it this long with regular maintenance and no failures that it should keep going for quite a while or is this just wishful thinking?
  • Which engine is in the Caravan? I would trust the 3.3 tranny combo more than the 3.8 tranny combo (personally). I've had both and I had NO problems what-so-ever with the 3.3 van, but the one with the 3.8 started having transmission problems at around 55-60K miles.

    Looking at most complaints around here, I think, proves my experience to be more common than not. Plus just remember, any vehicle with 123K miles COULD experience a tranny problem, not just the Caravan/T&C models.
  • I bought a 1997 GCaravan brand new and the engine snapped in half at 1,500 miles - then the trans went. Even new, Dodge just rebuilt the engine. After 8 months and hiring a lawyer, I obtained all my 8 months of payments back, minus small usage fee of the vehicle (that was in the shops for months) and bought another 1997 GCaravan - no problems except it ran a quart low of oil between oil changes (since the day I bought it - new). After 160,000 miles, I bought a 2003 GCaravan - total junk with parts going left and right. The transmission was rebuilt once and now needs it again. I haven't even paid the piece of junk off - two transmissions rebuilds, electric window motors, three power steering systems, constant rattles through-out because of the cheap interior parts, etc. I have had it with American made vehicles and am looking at Toyotas now. My advice, obtain a new vehicle under your state's lemon law and buy foreign!!!! (PS - my 2005 EC Silverado off the road truck was just as bad and I sold it last month)
  • I had the same problem!! The first time I had the transmission serviced on my 2003 Grand Caravan by the dealer (according to the Manufacturer's recommendation), I started smelling a burning smell - then my transmission started to jolt from 0 to first gear. This began at approximately 25,000 miles. Each time I took it to the dealer, they updated the transmission software and could never duplicate the problem. As I approached 60,000 miles, the problem got worse and did it each time I drove. With the warranty getting ready to expire, I left the car again with the dealer (more than a dozen times since this began) - again the dealer could not duplicate. I then drove with the mechanic and the car jolted 7 times! Thus, they rebuilt the transmission as a courtesy under the warranty. When I drove the van home - same burning smell. Same jolting - and now approaching 107,000 miles and the transmission needs to be rebuilt again, costing $2,300 or a remanufactured one at $4,200! Dodge refuses to pay - they will not warrant the work and only rebuilt it the first time as a courtesy. I am considering hiring an attorney due to the dealer not being more proactive in fixing the problem from the start and then not fixing it properly --- leaving me with a piece of junk or a hefty repair bill with no guarantees. I have had it with Dodge/Chrysler MOPAR - owned them since 1982!!!! DO NOT BUY one of these vans - you will regret it....
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    "I bought a 1997 GCaravan brand new and the engine snapped in half at 1,500 miles - then the trans went. Even new, Dodge just rebuilt the engine."

    Sorry, gotta call a hearty BS on that one. If your engine really did "snap in half", then there's no way it could be rebuilt.

    "...and bought another 1997 GCaravan - no problems except it ran a quart low of oil between oil changes (since the day I bought it - new)."

    IIRC, your 1997 DGC called for a 7,500 mile oil change interval, and virtually any car will require a quart of oil over the course of 7,500 miles, regardless of manufacturer. FWIW, our 1998 3.8 liter DGC Sport uses a quart of oil roughly every 7,500 miles while our 2003 3.8 liter DGC ES uses a quart of oil roughly every 5,000 miles. In both cases I consider that oil consumption "normal".

    "...I bought a 2003 GCaravan - total junk with parts going left and right."

    Hmmm, completely different from my experience. Our 2003 DGC ES has 104,000+ miles on it, has the original transmission and virtually every other factory part still intact. To date, that van has needed two batteries, a front wheel ABS sensor, and that's it outside of regular maintenance.

    "The first time I had the transmission serviced on my 2003 Grand Caravan by the dealer (according to the Manufacturer's recommendation)..."

    Recommendation? What recommendation? Per your Owner's Manual, your transmission never needs service; it came from the factory with ATF+4 fluid which is considered a "Lifetime" fluid. Our 2003 is still running the factory fluid at 104,000+ miles, and it shifts perfectly and has no burning smell.

    The fact is that your experience is so incredibly different than the one we've had with our two vans of virtually identical vintage that I find myself wondering of you've used a little poetic license with your posts. :P

    From my perspective, our two vans, which are nearing 260,000 combined miles, have been models of reliability. Last time I checked, our total bill for unscheduled maintenance has yet to reach $3,000, which in my mind is pretty darn good for over a quarter of a million miles of driving.
  • I talked to the owner again today and he says it has the 3.0 V6, is that supposed to be a reliable motor?
  • This is a little off topic but I didn't see any forums related to suspension so I will post the question here. I went and looked at the 1996 Caravan with the 3.0 V6, the tranny seemed to shift fine and the fluid looked good. What bothers me is the clunking sound that I would hear whenever I hit a bump, it was somthing that seemed out of ordinary. There is also a line of rust breaking through inside the engine compartment along the top of the area where the strut mounts, this seems like a very unusual place for rust to start as it is not exposed to the outside. Was there a common problem on these vans with rust forming in this area?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    The Mitsubishi 3.0 liter motor seems to be farily reliable, that said, it is a bit of an oil burner/smoker. That and it has a timing belt (which requires periodic replacement and that replacement ain't cheap) unlike the Chrysler motors that use a timing chain.

    Personally I wouldn't own one even if it was free.

    Best Regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    The clunking may or may not be coming from the sway bar bushings. As for the strut tower rusting, that is a know problem with the Gen 3 vans. Some weren't properly prepared and have rusted to the point of failure (and a potentially catastrophic failure at that), and while Chrysler has released a repair kit for rusted towers that is apparently pretty good, I'd prefer to have a van like our 1998 that has zero rust around the strut towers.

    Best Regards,
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,395
    I have an old 1969 Ford Econoline that also does this; the problem on my van is tie rod ends and a bushing on the linkage between the inner tie rod ends and steering. It feels like the van is going to shake itself apart when it happens, but it will also continue even if I press the accelerator after it starts. To quiet it, I hit the brakes hard and jerk the wheel in one direction. Silly, I know, but beats fixing it right now when I only put a few miles a year on the old can.

    Good luck finding the problem; you might want to get a second opinion on it from an independent suspension/alignment shop.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • tom166tom166 Posts: 31
    Hi; just checking to see if you have had any more updates. I'm still having the same problem and it seems to be worse in cold weather .
  • I had part 2 of the update done (I think it's the torque converter or something?). It's still doing it somewhat, but the weather has been so bad with slush and snow and cold (heater fan makes a lot of noise), that I have not been able to do a thorough assessment of the fix. Will let you know later on. My CAMVAP claim stays open for 90 days pass the maintenance done on the vehicle.
  • bmorrbmorr Posts: 1
    The transmission self-destructed at 97 000 km. There were no indications of a problem with this transmission, e.g., no shifting problems and no unusual noises. This vehicle has been well maintained according to the manufacturer's schedule and has never been abused. After traveling for about an hour at highway speed (approx. 100 km/h), the van lurched hard, lost speed and the check engine light came on. It jerked a few more times as I tried to get into the right lane in order to get off the multi-lane highway. Within a few minutes, I was on the shoulder of the highway with no drive power at all. It was a surprise to me how quickly all of this happened. I had one other vehicle in the past 20 years with transmission problems but I had some warning and was able to get it repaired before it was totally gone. The transmission has been replaced at a cost of about $4000. The diagnosis was that a gear had failed due to metal fatigue and the pieces from it destroyed much of the rest of the transmission. Has anyone else experienced sudden failure with this transmission?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    I had the transmission on our 1998 fail in a similar fashion shortly after a transmission service, however, the 1998 came with ATF+3 and required servicing every 30,000 miles (roughly every 50,000km), your 2002 came with a lifetime fill of ATF+4 and shouldn't need servicing at all.

    Per your post you indicated that you had the transmission serviced at some point. If that is true, who serviced it and what fluid did they use?

    Best Regards,
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Yea...about 3 million other Those units are very deceptable to converter clutch failures which clogg cooler passages and in turn destroy the gear train because the lubrication to the gears comes from cooler flow. Spinning at 2500 rpm with very little lubrication can destroy metal very quickly and you wouldn't even know it till it was to late. Metal fatigue? More like lack of lubrication....
  • Well, it's official. Our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan's transmission is going out. Just got the news. The vehicle only has 90,000 miles on it. I posted about it a few months ago, and I had to stop in to say my husband was right!

    Does anyone want to guess what the MSRP is on a "fully loaded" car like this? TOO MUCH! Not if it's only got 6 six years, and 90,000 miles on it.

    Whatever happened to the cars that would run forever? Oh yeah, America doesn't make them anymore... :cry:
  • maguymaguy Posts: 13
    At least you got 90K out of it. I just had my FOURTH tranmission put in my 2002 Honda Accord that I bought brand new in March 2002. I have 81K on the odometer right now. The first transmission went at 13K!! We actually just bought a 2008 Town & Country because I could not stomach another Honda even though the Odyssey is well regarded.
  • We own a Chry TC '01 minivan w/ 44K miles on it. It was bought used and is equipped as a handicapped vehicle. (Side door opens, car side lowers, ramp extends.) Car has been well cared for and all fluids reg checked. Today, w/ no warning the trans broke down...2 coughs and enough speed to get us to the road side before it stopped. It has NO trans now. There was a burning smell at the time. Trans is 6 yrs old and 44K miles, am I out of touch or is this par for the course? Chry said it had a 3yr/36K warr on "power train" so too bad for me. Do I have ANY recourse? 44K miles and the trans breaks totally as in: I need another trans for xxxx$/?
  • jsw3jsw3 Posts: 2
  • jsw3jsw3 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Chrysler minivan with only 40,000 miles on it and the transmission went, of course out of warranty. It was working fine, then the engine light came on and now we have go get a whole new transmission, something about the torque, pieces broke inside something.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I just went back over the maintenance records for our '94 Caravan (which we no longer own). The transmission was rebuilt at 56,000 miles, but cost us zero because the power train warranty at that time was 7 months/70,000 miles. Over the next 121,000 miles (we got rid of the van when it had 176,900 mile on it), only work done on the tranny was a fluid change at 113,000 miles, and another at 160,000 miles as part of fixing a leaking transmission pan gasket. We never experienced any hesitation in shifts, "clunks" when downshifting, or any of the other symptoms that others have complained about.

    One of the options our van had on it was the towing package. In addition to a heavier duty suspension, that package also came with a transmission cooler, if memory serves me correctly. I think the transmission cooler has a lot to do with extending the life of the transmission fluid and, directly, the life of the transmission, IMO.

    BTW, this was the standard length van, not the grand.
  • Your front end shake sounds similar to mine in a 83 eldorado. After checking all the suspension components several times, and finding nothing worn out, I noticed alot of play in the front axle on the right side. The shake was noticible when driving on the right front. The axle did not make any noise while driving or turning. Replacing the axle solved the problem. On opening the boots of the axle, I found the outer bearing to be out of grease and burnt, but no broken parts. The inner bearing was leaking grease but very little. I would never have expected the axle to have this kind of symptom, because it felt like the wheel assembly was loose.
  • last night i had the oil changed and later my tranny started to shift hard or not shift at all. i took it and had the following codes pulled up.
    P0720-output speed sensor malfunction
    P0732 gear 2 ratio incorrect
    P0731 gear 1 ratio incorrect
    P0700 transmissio control system malfunction
    could they have kncked somethig loose or do i just have a separate problem going on ? its a 3.0 with 100,000 miles on it. thanks jeff
  • It's possible somethin got knocked loose...the po720 code can cause all the other codes. But...that sensor is notorious for having problems and going out at any moment. Probably a coincidence...change the sensor, will probably take care of your issues.
  • i took a look at it testerday and the clip that holds the wire on thatsensor is gone. i fixed that and put the battery back on and the service engine light is off and the tansmission is working perfect. could the wire have been partially pulled out or did the computer just reset and the sensor will go out any way ? thanks
  • I am sorry for your trouble. I have had a disaster with my 2002 Caravan. I am currently on my third transmission. The first went out at 51K miles, the second went out at 102K miles. What luck! Both were replaced by Dodge dealerships and both were remanufactured because there are so many failing they can't get their hands on a new one. The first under extended warranty, the second over $3,600 to me. I spoke with Dodge Corporate and they told me sorry and politely said go away.

    Dodge junk. I am considering my first foreign vehicle.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Yikes, what the heck are you doing to those transmissions?

    I ask because while we did lose one in our Gen 3 DGC with (a 1998 model), that one lasted 109,000 miles, and my suspicion is that it failed due to incorrect fluid being put in (it worked perfectly before the transmission was serviced).

    We also have a 2003 (with the same transmission that's in your 2002), and that one currently has 105,000 on it with nary a problem in spite of the fact that it is still running on the factory fluid and filter.

    FWIW, if you've been having your transmissions serviced by non-dealers, the sad truth is that many-many service institutions believe that there is such a thing as universal transmission fluid. Nothing could be further from the truth, if you don't have ATF+4 as the exclusive fluid in your transmission, it is almost guaranteed to fail, period, full stop, the end.

    Best Regards,
  • Has anyone had a problem with a whining noise from the transmission area after traveling on the interstate cruising at higher speeds 75/80. It will make this noise after you slow down and really hear it, its speed realated also. faster you go the faster the noise is after you start again. It will quit after you stop for a hour or so and not do it until I have traveled at a higher speed on the interstate. Very troubling. Its a 07 T&C LX. Thanks
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    I have the exact same problem, I believe. I have an '06 T&C and commute on the interstate daily. After I've driven about 45 minutes @ 75 mph, I come to a stop and have a whining noise that gets louder as I come to a stop. Then once I accelerate again, the whine continues. I took it to the local Chrysler dealer and was told it's a common noise in cold temperatures. However, I hear the noise whether it's 2 degrees or 42 degrees. I'm still under warranty, so plan to take it to another Chrysler dealer.
  • this site has a list of the best transmission shops by area: mountain-view.html

    its also helpful because it has background write-ups on each company to help you choose a good transmission shop for your needs...hope it helps!
  • I have a 1999 Plymouth Voyager 2.4L with the 3 speed 31TH transmission. It has 132,000 miles on it but around 128,000 miles the tranny began having what felt like a short slip from 2nd to 3rd. It only happened occasionly on the highway. Well I had it flushed and filter changed also adding lucas transmission additive for high mileage transmissions. The trans seemed to be fine for awhile then around 130,000 miles a whining sound with the smell of trans fluid began. I checked for leaks but found none so my guess was it was overheating the transmission. Shortly after it lost any shifting into 3rd gear at that time we turned around and headed back home half way there it kept sliding in and out of gears droppingus down to 20 MPH now the trans will shift into first some times and other times barely. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP I NEED TO GET THISS PROBLEM SOLVED IS IT SIMPLE OR LARGE? I have rebuilt transmissions before but never on a dodge. I have done one GM and three Ford but all have been manuals please let me know if you can help me with this problem.

    Thanks Guys.
  • mckcrichmckcrich Posts: 1
    You may want to check the level of your power steering fluid. I had a similar whining noise on my 2005 TC with about 42,000 miles on it. The noise changed as engine RPM changed. I found my power steering reservoir to be a little low ( it was at the bottom of the ok range). I filled the reservoir with ATF+4 fluid up to the top of that range and my whine issue is gone. Make sure you use ATF+4 and not power steering fluid. There have been several people that have reported having issues with a leaking seal in the rack and pinion and the dealer wanting $800 to change the rack and pinion. It seems to be somewhat wide spread. When I checked the level of the fluid I found that someone had painted a blue line on the reservoir which was near the upper end of the ok range. I’m guessing my dealer noted the level of my fluid during one of my oil changes because they know there is an issue with seal leaks. Hope this helps.
  • kempekkempek Posts: 1
    While I have not experienced this first hand, my pastor had his transmission fail suddenly on him. His was an older (1999) but it only had about 100000kms on it. The transmission shop he took it to found that the pin in the differential had worked it's way out after the keeper failed. It had been thrown out the side of the transmission. I have done some research and talking with our local transmission shop and he said that up until the 2006 model year this was a problem for the Chrysler(Dodge and Plymouth) minivans. It happens specifically when the tires are spun(if the vehicle gets stuck). The shop he went to said that there is a very simple fix for this problem, change the pin and keepers to the ones used in the 2006 models. It is only a 2 hour job and it can save thousands. I will be doing some calling on Monday to find out about this fix and post an update. I just wonder why Chrysler hasn't seen fit to bring this potential problem to light?!?!?!?!?
  • nyfreezenyfreeze Posts: 1
    Had the same problem on my 2000 caravan last Aug. took it to shop had to replace speed control sensors only 1 was bad but was told when 1 goes bad other isnt far away. so it cost me about 250.00 to have them fix it. They over charged me for parts. they were 25.00 a piece at autozone. they charged 80.00 a piece so labor wasnt much at all about 1/2 hour job. I didnt know what was wrong with it so I had to suck up the cost . Sincerely Martin Baker
  • Have you solved your front end shake problem? If so, what was the problem?
  • tnvolfantnvolfan Posts: 2

    Did you resolve your whining noise? My 06 Grand Caravan does the exact same thing. I drive mostly around town, but have noticed on longer trips on the interstate of 45-60 minutes I have the whining sound you describe. If I stop the car for a while and restart, the sound goes away until I travel again at higher speeds for the longer trip. Last time I heard it, I drove at slower speeds on a side road for about 10 minutes and the sound went away before I had even stopped the car. My husband has never been with me when the sound has occurred. As I travel out of town with the kids alone occasionally, I'm afraid this is a sign of a problem that will cause me to be stranded on the side of the interstate. My car is currently at a dealership getting checked out, but I'm afraid they think I'm crazy as they haven't heard the sound yet. They are currently checking out the transmission and power steering. Any details from your investigation that could help me out in leading them to my problem?
  • dad22dad22 Posts: 1
    Any leads on the whining noise? My 06 Grand Caravan has the same problem. We drove 2 hours to visit family over Easter and it was really bad as I stopped for gas. Five minutes with the van off while filling up, no noise?? A month ago I stopped for fast food after driving for 5 hours, I could barely hear the noise after sitting in the drive through for 5-7 minutes?? I am very curious what the dealer says. Are you still under warranty? My van has 96K miles because I travel for work. It looks like rancherat and dadto3 have the same issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • tnvolfantnvolfan Posts: 2
    Dad22 -

    After 3 days of investigating (supposedly) the dealership service department determined that the whining was coming from the power steering pump. They replaced it under warranty. We have around 20k miles on our van. We haven't taken any long trips since the repair so we don't know for sure that our problem is fixed. Hopefully, it is and this info helps you.
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    They determined mine is the power steering rack that is causing the problems and it's being replaced this week. They topped off my power steering fluid, which stopped the whining, but I'm also slowly losing fluid, so hopefully this new rack will take care of the problem. I'd say top off your power steering fluid and if that eliminates your whining noise, then I bet you need your rack replaced as well.
  • I took mine to the dealer and they hadn't heard of the issue before..No suprise there. Mine still has the noise but only after long drives. I'm going to check the PS level and see if that's a help. I've got 68,000 on my LX and that's the only thing I've had problems with. Thanks everyone! Is the rack going to be a recall thing or just our problem?
  • joshockeyjoshockey Posts: 13
    hi everyone im in need of advice this is my first van and have been pleased so far i have a 3.3 v6 and runs flawless but my transmission is acting up.i cannot shift past 35 to 40mph or 2500 to 3000 rpms now i have no clue if the transmission is bad the fluid is still pink and so fourth now i did go out and pull out the input and output sensors i have not replaced these as of yet but is this the most likely problem or something else.btw the check engine light is not on either but i was told this was most likely my issue because my cruise control no longer functions and the air bag light had came on at the same time as the cruise control went out. emotorcons/emo_sick.gif
  • joshockeyjoshockey Posts: 13
    hi everyone im in need of advice this is my first van and have been pleased so far i have a 3.3 v6 and runs flawless but my transmission is acting up.i cannot shift past 35 to 40mph or 2500 to 3000 rpms now i have no clue if the transmission is bad the fluid is still pink and so fourth now i did go out and pull out the input and output sensors i have not replaced these as of yet but is this the most likely problem or something else.btw the check engine light is not on either but i was told this was most likely my issue because my cruise control no longer functions and the air bag light had came on at the same time as the cruise control went out. emotorcons/emo_sick.gif
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    your statement of your transmission fluid being "PINK" if your fluid is pink it has water in it. if its red its good fluid. input and output sensors are cheap replace them and also the PIGTAIL that connects to them its a common failure point. if your fluid is pink you may want to look at the radiator closely since pink fluid indicates water the radiator is suspect. unless the vehicle has been in water
  • joshockeyjoshockey Posts: 13
    update sorry for my lack of knowledge on these vans the fluid is red im partialy color blind lol replaced both sensors today and it seems to be shifting ok but id like to know what intervals the transmission shifts rpms i think coming out of second to third may be shifting late around 40 to 50 mph it is a 3speed 3.3 liter as far as replacement of the pigtail where do i get these a boneyard or new. :sick:
  • justnowjustnow Posts: 2
    I also had same problem with 2005 TC at 24000miles 3 months ago, i checked the fluid and it was low, with no leaks on the driveway. Still under warranty and the power steering pump and rack and pinion steer box was replaced. I had noticed a popping noise, about 12 months ago, on driver side, when I would go over speed bumps at the mall. That popping noise also had stopped with the replacement of pump and rack and pinion. now my vehicle at 26000 miles is still making noise in morning then stops after about 4 minutes. the same problem with pump and rack and pinion. Dealer replaced pump and rack and pinion, the next day the mechanic was going to do alignment and it started the noise again. I had told him before I took the van in, THAT I NOTICED THE RESERVOIR FLUID WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN A LOT at idling park. He told me that he called the manufacture and was told that air is leaking into the system, due to the hoses. My van is still at the dearler.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    ok if you replaced input and output speed sensors you have a 4 spd 41TE transaxle the 3spd units will only have 1 speed sensor and that is located on the passenger axle housing. the pigtails are available at your local dodge dealership.part number is #922445CK/04419478 if i may add a suggestion to all of this i suggest you take your vehicle to a trans shop near you and have them quick learn the trans control module this will reset factory settings. also tire size makes a difference with this trans. the "pinion factor" must match the tire size this can also be performed by the trans shop.AND all 4 tires must be the ssame size or trans shift problems will occur due to wheel speed sensors reading differently
  • engr2go1engr2go1 Posts: 10
    No I didn't. I now use it for short trips only. I have taken it to two dealerships and they don't see the problem. I think I will know soon though because I think one of my CV joints is going and that may be the problem.
  • angnjasangnjas Posts: 2
    Had a rebuilt transmission put in. Had the torc converter clutch soloniod replaced and It was running great for a week. Now the van seems to have problem when down shifting in the 30 mph range. It runs good on highway. Problem only occurs when slowing down. The car bucks or seems to down shift real hard.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    is this a 3spd transaxle or a 4 spd transaxle if the only solenoid in the trans is a tcc solenoid then its a 3 spd with lock up. these transmissions are known for major metal in the unit and can sometimes contaminate the governer assembly creating erratic and strange shift patterns. we normally use a inline filter in the cooling lines to catch any left over debris that might come thru the cooling system it may require the valve body to be dropped and disassembled again to be cleaned also I would take the van back where you had the trans built and make them fix it right ie: clean governer,valvebody and install inline filter into cooler RETURN line just my thoughts hope it helps...
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