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turbanskiturbanski Member Posts: 85
edited March 2010 in Dodge
I just leased a 2010 Dodge GC. Nice vehicle and good value for the $. However, after taking delivery, I asked the dealer about activating the Daytime Running Lights. I was informed that the 2010 GC is not equipped with DRL's. Is that true? I have had this done on previous vehicles by the dealer at nominal cost. Why would they eliminate a useful safety feature like DRL.s My location is in New york State.


  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,775
    edited March 2010
    I have not kept up on DRL information, but there has always come a fair bit of backlash on them. Perhaps it is no longer a regulated safety feature? If it is not regulated, you can bet automakers will delete it to save costs (no matter how nominal).

    Most, if not all, vehicles now have auto-off functions for their headlights. It is more effective to simply keep that switch in the "on" position at all times than to use DRLs if you prefer to drive with lights (as I do). Not only are the lights brighter and, therefore, more effective, but the rest of the running gear is illuminated as well which is a benefit for those drivers with whom you share the road but are not in front of you.
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  • turbanskiturbanski Member Posts: 85
    Thank you for your response.

    My 2010 Dodge Caravan is equipped with the auto-off feature. So did the 2007 that preceded it. It also had the DRL's (dealer activated). I was under the impression that DRL's are required in Canada. Since the GC is assembled in Canada, you would think vehicles built for the US market would at least offer them as a dealer option. My Insurance carrier even offered an additional discount for having a DRL equipped vehicle.

    By the way, the 2007 Caravan had a feature that activated the Hazard Warning lights (flashers) whenever one of the sliding doors was open. The 2010 model removes that feature as well.
  • lstetzlstetz Member Posts: 4

    new to this group, and we got a 2006 Dodge Caravan sxt about 2 weeks ago, after taking it home I went over the whole van that tuesday, they wanted us to take it home the same day which I was told by a friend that used to work in dealership said that is normal.

    We really were in a Pinch when we got this Van because the one we replaced got totaled by a deer and the insurance was not going to cover the rental passed 30 days.

    here is the problem, I did find the following which the dealer said they would fix, the lights on the dashboard did not work correctly, part of them did, also lights in the middle part, AC etc part, where the Radio is.

    also did find that the back windows were wired shut, the one seat torn that is not a big deal, wipers needed to be replaced.

    they did replace the wippers, the lighting was not fixed, said we had to bring it back because they had to order parts for back windows and the person who repaired the seats does not come in until Thursday.

    We had taken it back within the week, now the check engine has come on!!! today which my husband told me about, still had not been called to make another appointment to finsih other work, now we are added the check engine light.
    I really did not like the service adviser that we had to deal with and he did say when we bring it back he will give us a loaner. now we sat there the first time, the sales person we had gave us his personal car so we can go get some other things done.

    not sure if I should continue to have them fix it, or sense we have not even made the first payment if we should reverse the sale and replace it with another van.

    we did not realize that the back windows were electric at the time, nor did we know until we did look at it with the salesman and drove it that it had the seats that you can hide, I would have just taken them out, as we will be using it for dog shows.

    anyfeed back would be great and you can e-mail me directly at my e-mail

  • lstetzlstetz Member Posts: 4

    sorry did not realize that I should not add my e-mail in all other lists you are able too.
    we purchased one about 2 weeks ago, please read post above and I would love to know what others think about this model Van.
  • turbanskiturbanski Member Posts: 85
    I don't think anyone will see your post here because the topic relates to the 2010 GC. The vehicle that we turned in was a 2007 base Caravan. It served us well for the 3+ years that we had it.(it was a leased vehicle). We had to replace the front disc brake pads at 30,000 miles. Other than that no problems. However, we did take it in for service on a regular basis.
  • lstetzlstetz Member Posts: 4

    We bought a 2006 dodge grand Caravan sxt a couple of weeks ago, and we have had it in the service two times and I hope that we find out more in the morning, the following had to be replaced, I had seen that the back windows were wired shut, which they said when they went in they had to replace both motors, also the lights on dash was not working they replaced two hoses, 8 bulbs, not sure what else. my first post I had put on the wrong section but someone did answer, also did find why i took it back today was that the check engine light came on, and they also replaced the gas cap.

    should we be worred about this model?

  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,775
    edited March 2010
    Lisa, this is still not the best location for your post (Chysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan 2005+ might be a better choice).

    However, when the CEL comes on right after a service, you might consider reading out and resetting the codes to see if they come back.

    In general, the model is fairly robust; the most consistent problem I see here involves the power steering reservoir and related whines. A used van's prior maintenance and care history is, however, a significant factor in the future reliability of that particular vehicle....
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  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Should you be worried about the model? No, probably not; most folks have been getting hundreds of thousands of relatively trouble free miles out of Gen 4 vans like yours (our Gen 4 that we've owned since new is fast approaching 140,000 miles and so far at least, the only unscheduled maintenance item has been a front ABS wheel sensor for three hundred dollars and change).

    The above said, you might well be justified in worrying about how your particular van has been maintained. Keep us posted.

    Best regards,
  • turbanskiturbanski Member Posts: 85
    It's a little late, but you might want to invest in a Carfax Report for your vehicle. It will let you know what problems your vehicle may have had since new and perhaps how well it was maintained by the previous owner(s).

  • lstetzlstetz Member Posts: 4

    I spoke with a friend who used to be in the business, and we did get a car fax for this Van and it was clean, had my friend look at it to see if she can come up with something. at this point we will go over the van with a fine tooth comb and see if we find anything else.
  • ofagotofagot Member Posts: 1
    I too bought a 2010 Grand Caravan and at my first oil change I asked my dealer to turn on my DRL's and was told that they couldn't do that on the 2010's. I find that hard to believe as they are built in the Windsor, Ontario plant and some go to the USA and some go to Canada, where they must have them (by law).
    Lets get to the bottom of this and find out why!!!!
    Any Dodge Techs out there who would know?
  • jamestownguyjamestownguy Member Posts: 4
    If your caravan or town&country starts with a # 2 on the VIN, your DRL's can be activated by the chrysler dealer. I live in Jamestown,ny and had both my 02 & 07 grand caravans DRL's turned on @ my local Chrysler dealer and glad i had them turned on!
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