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Lexus uses inferior materials?

delma58delma58 Posts: 6
edited December 2014 in Lexus
Why does Lexus use inferior material to manufacture their side mirrors and door handles? Why would my Lexus that cost over $40,000 have both outside mirrors peeling? Why would Lexus use what looks like plastic door handles? When it rains, my door handles get darkened, splotchy areas. The door handles appear to be absorbing the rain water.


  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I don't know what year model RX you have, but my ' 07 RX350 that I've driven for over three-and-a-half years has none of these
    issues. :confuse:
  • delma58delma58 Posts: 6
    Oh, I forgot....I also have a '07 RX 350. Mileage is 39,000. I have this car about 9 months. The handles always absorbed rainwater, but I recently just noticed the peeling mirrors. There was another Lexus, were I purchased mine, that had splotchy handles without rain..that was a '05 RX 350...maybe it was 330.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Nope. Sorry. Not having these issues. My '07 has just over 51,000 miles on it
  • delma58delma58 Posts: 6
    Glad you aren't needing to have these things replaced/repaired.

    I see this on other Lexus RX350/330 in parking lots....peeling, splotchy mirrors and door handles every where I look. I wonder if it has to do with location. I see you are in FLA...well, here in the NE we get hot, too. However, what we get that FLA doesn't is COLD temps. Just a thought. I'll never figure it out. Just need to get to the dealer before the warranty ends.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Gary, In,..Chicago...??

    "acid" rain...??
  • We have an '07 Lexus RX350 with 67000 miles on it, and it is in near perfect condition, as we take care of our cars, get dealership regular maintenance, and keep it clean inside and out. We have had no issues with anything on it, much less peeling of paint or handles absorbing rain water. I don't know what the problem is with your car, but it isn't representative of ALL Lexus autos. Every friend we have who has one loves it and continues to buy Lexus when getting another car. You need to check with the Lexus dealership on this issue.
  • I am the OP and it’s nearly 4 years since I posted about peeling side mirrors and rain absorbing door handles. I still own my ’07 Lexus RX350 now with 77,000 miles. The door handles and side mirrors were both replaced under warranty back in 2010. My Lexus also is in near perfect condition now that the power steering was replaced (way before its time, I’m told) at a cost of $1000. It also pulls to the right and I am told it is the road. The transmission hesitates coming back up to speed…all normal I am told. I don't know what the problem is with my car either. Lucky me to get a Lexus that is not representative of LEXUS vehicles. Yes I get dealership regular maintenance, keep it clean inside and out and the car is garage kept. It’s not a terrible car, but personally I would venture to try another manufacturer when the time comes.
  • rx350rx350 san jose,caPosts: 1
    I own 2013 RX350 with 6000 miles and muffler already shows signs of surface rust . Very disappointed. I complain to service manager and they flatly refuse to fix it. Never buy another Lexus. I'm in San Jose, California.
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