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97 Mecury Sable "Sensors not ready" problem -NYS inspection

plongleyplongley Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in Ford
1997 Mercury Sable 6 cylinder 89,000 miles.
Let me start by saying Check Engine light is NOT on.
replaced alternator last summer. Maintained by same mechanic for years.
I took car to my friends shop to get the annual NYS inspection and it could not be passed because computer read "sensors not ready". not clear which sensors.. computer isn't telling us. Car had been sitting for about 6 weeks, driven twice in that time. Started once a week to deter any mice. I did not need to jump it. Mechanic was not sure, thought perhaps battery weak from sitting, suggested driving it around for awhile and bringing it back. 3 weeks and 600 miles later brought it back and it still reads sensors not ready? My mechanic is trustworthy, a relative, and he isnt sure what it is and suggested I try to find info on line about it so I dont spend alot of money trouble shooting. If anyone can help us out we would greatly appreciate it. Can someone please tell me what would cause this / how to fix it?


  • You probably need to find out what sensors are not ready. The easiest way to do this is to spend about 60 bucks on a code reader that also shows readiness. . I bought mine on Ebay, and it's proven extremely useful. Get one that's OBDII compliant (most are) and you're set.

    You just plug it into the socket under the dash, turn the key on, and it will display any fault codes, and will also show the readiness of any sensors or systems.

    Ask your friend how many of these "must" show ready for it to pass. In GA, on that model, you can have two sensors showing not ready, and still pass.
  • newbiecardudenewbiecardude Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    Hey there I feel your pain and I'm in the same boat as I also failed my NYS Inspection. I passed the safety check but failed the emissions and the Catalyst, Evap System,Oxygen Sensor and Oxygen Sensor Heater all read not ready. My check engine light has been on for the longest time and I have never had any problems with it (knocks on wood). My car has 90,000. I drove the car to a family friend who is a mechanic and he said that it looked like I needed a Purge Valve Cellenoid which runs around $50-60 or so. He seems to think that is whats causing the EGR error code to come up when we plug in the OBDII. You are able to have two items in the list that dont read OK and still pass. I will keep everyone up to date on my car issue. I got an automatic 10 day extension on my registration so im hoping this fix works and I pass.
  • Hi guys ... I am in the Western New York area. Daughter gave her 97 Sasble to my wife.
    She had the car for a little over 3 years now and in that time I have replaced the Purge valve 3 times. Registered it for my wife and my daughter said the car was jumping around.
    p0743 TCC electrical problem and intermittent. Checked the solenoid and it was good, have to check the pcm output now. Have not been able to clear the p1000 ( computer not ready) Service Engine Lite may or maynot be on depending if the active codes move to memory codes. You should see a p0443 for the purge valve, active of in memory codes if it somehow is tied to the EGR. I think there may be an EGR solenoid associated with that. Well codes could be intermittent and possibly hiding in the memory code area so you need to check that. I am going to cycle my command on for the pcm outputs to check my TCC and Purge valve and hope I am not in for a computer change out. Oh when you get an inspection fail do you get a 10 day extension. The one I had with registering this Sable just ran out on me. Hope I was able to be of some help to you guys.
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