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Keep Saab 9-3

alexandria07alexandria07 Member Posts: 1
My husband and I are a devoted Saab family. We have a 2004 9-3 and a 1999 9-3 hatchback. The 2004 has 50k miles and the 1999 has 110k. We've been watching the news about Saab and our Saab mechanic says it will become increasingly difficult and expensive to get parts over the coming 5 years. We do not want to end up with 2 car payments at once in 2-3 years time and are wondering if it makes sense to trade in the 2004 for something else while it's still worth something so that we're not confronted with that issue at a point where we may get very little $$ for the car.

Thoughts? Has anyone looked into the issue of Saab parts now that Saab has been sold?


  • frank8040frank8040 Member Posts: 11
    I'm not so sure about that (statement from your mechanic). I think there will be plenty of OEM part manufacturers out there that will be happy to make after market parts for Saab's. Maybe not manufactured by Saab directly, but supply and demand economics at play here. If there is a demand, there will be a supply.
  • meflamefla Member Posts: 1
    On two different occasions my gearshift seems to be engaging but nothing happens, acting like it is in neutral regardless of what gear it is in. Both times it eventually started working again and it won't repeat the problem for my mechanic. It was time for a transmission fluid change, so that was done, but problem is still there. Any ideas of what could be wrong?
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