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I have a 2010 RAV 4 and I am looking for ideas on how to tie down my Kayak in the front and the back does anyone have any suggestions .

One way would be to use the towing eyes in the front but the car came with only one.Has anyone found a place to buy another without breaking the bank ,The Eye's do not have to be as heavy



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    When I carry two or three canoes on my rack, I usually just criss cross the ropes and use one tie down. But my racks are 78" and the boats rarely ride in the center of the rack - even when hauling just one canoe, I shove it over the passenger side for better visibility.

    Here's what I use on the front of my van since the tow hooks aren't very accessible.

    Painter loop

    Maybe a length of Perlon looped around the spare tire holder would work in the back?
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    I found the Towing Eyelet on line it was 24.95 plus 9.95 for shipping .I have listed the web site . You can call or look under bumpers then find part #25

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    Wow, spendy little thing. I think I'll stick to my hunk of rope. :shades:

    Nice bit of sleuthing to find that part.
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