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I've got a 2005 Town & Country about 3 years ago. Honestly it's been a huge pain in the neck. I won't even count all the repairs I needed on the stupid thing. In any case, when we first got it, it had 47000 on it, now at 91000 I've got problems. We just had to shell out 1700 for a timing belt replacement (which slipped and damaged some other hugely expensive part) plus breaks (for the second time in past 24 month). Now the check engin light is on. Took it to the dealership, thinking it had something to do with repairs they finished 2 days ago. But no! They told me I needed a tune up, since computer said it was missfire in spark plug #6. Took it to CarX for that. Got it done, but they told me right away, my problem (check engine light) is still there. They turned it off for me, but It promptly was back on two days later. Now I am not sure what to do. Of course I won't pass emissions test this way, and it starts up a little rough, with a strong acetone-like smell. However, CarX honestly don't know what's wrong with it. Tried cleaning fuel injectors..Did not help. Any ideas as to what's wrong with it? Sorry it got so long, but I am really frustrated with this vehicle, and wish I never bought it in the first place. :-(


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    Hi I have a Town&Country 1995 3.3Lt V6 and the check engine commes up after 10 . 20 minutese after the engine starts, and when I check th errorcodes with the switching keys on,of-on,off -on it get the numbers of 12, 21 and 55 what does it means?

    Can somebody tell me what to do?

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    My 2005 T&C had the check engine light on for at least 6 starts. Took it to AutoZone and no codes showed up. Finally, the light went off. It makes me a little nervous to drive...any experience with this situation? :confuse:
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    I would not worry too much, first of all as long as it is check engine light (orange in color) and not warning light (red), you are safe to drive. Second of all, I had my check engine light on for several month, finally got it fixed now, and had no problems driving. It was just rough starting up. Hope this helps.
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    I have a "2005" caravan that failed inspection for a check engine light. Fortunately the state inspection station also gave me a fail report that had the code for the light which was 456 which was a small leak in the evaporator emission contral system. I desided that since I like working on my vehicles, that I would see if I can find the problem without the dealer. Well, I found that Dodge uses the cheapest hose connectors that they can and most of the connectors for that system had become loose or broken. I replaced all the connectors, drove for the needed 300 miles to satisfy the on-board computer, got reinspected and have been fine ever since. For years prior to that I always thought that it was the gas cap until I got the code.
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    My 2006 also has the check engine icon show up at times (not flashing) then disappears. I had Auto Zone check it and they didn't find a problem. The gas cap is always tight. It runs great with 57,000 miles and still gets great highway gas mileage (26 to 30). I damaged a plug wire checking the plugs and replaced it but it doesn't miss. Has anyone found a code reader that works better than the free Auto Zone checkup? Sounds like taking it to a dealer will mean they just start replacing sensors and parts until you run out of $. You used to be able to put a paper clip in the test plug and it would flash out codes.
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    My 2005 was read at Jiffy Lube with no problems, however it kept saying "number 6 spark plug misfire". After some much "run-around" with CarX mechanics, a friend of mine recommended a mechanic, who in a couple of days figured out that when CarX did a tune up on my van (Town&Country) they did not reset the computer, which is why it was running rough, and showing the misfire. They kindly fixed all my problems for $300. Since then, now a year ago, it's been running perfect.
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