2005 Z71 Suburban, Driver heated seat out of control

sparkym300sparkym300 Member Posts: 1
I purchased this 2005 Z71Suburban back in 11/29/09 and also purchased extented warranty. This morning when I first started the vehicle, it sounded as if it got an extra boost of energy. Not a normal startup. It did not start the same way as it usually does. I thought nothing of it until going down the road and noticed the heated seat was on for the driver side. After a while it was OUT of CONTROL going thru all the heat levels. I came home and heard a clicking sound from under the seat. Looking under the seat it looked like the sound was coming from a sliver looking cylinder about 4" long right in the middle of the seat. I then remove the refuse, which is labeled IGN-3 and is for the ignition/heated seats. The Heated seat for the driver side was still coming on, not sure why. After checking other places in my owner manual, I found no other locates for a heated seat fuse. I put the ues back.
I called the dealer and they can not say anything until they see it and charge me $$$$$. The extented warranty covers everthing except heated seats "go figure". So my next step is to find what the problem is and if I can replace it my self. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks, Scott


  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Haven't pulled the schematics, but I would think you'd have a connector on the wires coming up from the floor, where you could disconnect the power going to the heated seats. Hopefully you have two connectors, one for the heated piece, and another for the power seats. Assuming there is a connector for the heated piece, that may be a better place to disconnect than the fuse.
  • mpi_mikempi_mike Member Posts: 3
    Hey Scott,
    Did you ever find out what the problem with your seats was? I'm having a very similar problem with my Tahoe LT. The d/s heated seat comes on and cycles through all levels then to off and back on again. It seems that the computer or the relay thinks the switch is being held down??? Any thoughts are much appreciated!!!
  • gregoryparkergregoryparker Member Posts: 3
    I have this problem on my 2005 Suburban LT. I replaced the fuse and the problem stopped for awhile...I don't really think that was the problem. It is a relay in the arm rest or the cylinder under the seat? Would like to fix this myself instead of taking to the dealer.
  • kitc1kitc1 Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 Z71 did PRECISELY this today. It was parked at the airport for a week, started exactly as described above and now the driver's seat heater is going haywire intermittently. Would appreciate any insight that others can provide as the manual is worthless.
  • cyintistcyintist Member Posts: 1
    Oh wow, my truck started goofy, exactly as you described, last week! Tried my best to explain to my mechanic husband, of course, it never did again...even when you are married to them, you can't get it to do the same thing for your mechanic, lol! Well, today he was with me, and what do you know but the drivers side heated seat starts
    Cycling non stop!
    Did any of you find solution?
    Also, rear wiper and defrost work very sporadically. Anyone else experience this???
  • lwwheelerlwwheeler Member Posts: 1
    I see a lot of posts with the same problem that the driver side heated seat cycles thru the various levels, but none on the solution. Mine only does it after it has rained so I know something is getting wet. Has anyone actually found a solution? I don't want to disconnect it.
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