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Nissan sentra 2005 1.8 Engine sudden jerk when accelerate from gear 1 to 2

lembalemba Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Nissan
My nissann sentra 2005 1.8 Engine having 100,000 miles is having a sudden jerk when accelerate from gear 1 to 2. It doesn't happen when driving beyond gear 2. It happens more frequently when the engine is cold. But it's consistent when does this happen. Once I took it to my nissan service center, and I was unable to duplicate the problem. Then it started again. Seems like there is some transmission problem. Does anyone experiences this type of problem for nissan sentra 2005 1.8 Engine.


  • virus002virus002 Member Posts: 4
    I've got the same issue exactly like yours same engine and such... But i've got about 55k miles on mine. :confuse: I'll ask around at my dealership and get a general concensus. At least I have a 100k warranty on my car
  • nancy33nancy33 Member Posts: 1
    I was shocked today-with only 39.600miles-my '05 Nissan needs a transmission-at least my neighborhood Meinicke Care quoted 1,200. Where I bought it Lunnes Nissan,Bloomfield,NJ the crooks quoted me 2,000.labor and 12000parts! 3200.I guess the 3 of us are in the same boat-sorry but thanks lots for sharing about Nissan 2005. Joisey Nancy
  • virus002virus002 Member Posts: 4
    I took it to Nissan and my issues have been fixed.

    I had a bad throttle body valve
    clogged transmission valve
    and seepage from the transmission.

    Cost to me $50 :P

    What needs to be replaced on yours Nancy?

    Nissan extended its CVT transmission warranty was extended to 10yrs/120k miles... unless yours is a manual transmission your out of luck.
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