Accord 2010 high temperature at the gear indicator plate

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I recently bought a Accord 2010 LX-P. When driving, I can feel the very high temperature on the gear indicator plate (i.e., the plastic plate next to the gear shift, marked with P-N-R-D-1-2).
I have never saw this issue on my other cars. I did a google on this issue but cannot find anything. Does anybody else also have this problem?
Ant comments and advices are welcome. Thanks.


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    All I can think of is a heat shield (over the exhaust pipe) is missing, letting more heat rise to the floorboard.. Or, there is a bad shift position switch connection, that's overheating. Neither one sounds good. I would see the dealership about this. I've never heard of this before, and I've been around the forums a while now.
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    Thanks for the information.
    One question regarding to see the dealership: should I talk to the sale person (we just bought the car a month ago) that we worked with or directly go to the service department? Should I call Honda corporate customer service before I go to the dealer? I have handled these situations before. Thanks.
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    No need to get corporate involved yet. Give the service guys a shot first, then involve your salesman since he should be on your team. Involve corp if you have a serious problem with the staff there.
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    On a warm day I can feel a bit hot at the shift plate and at ignition switch.
    I have an 03EXV6.
    The car still has the orginal exhaust system.
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    I took it back to the service department today. They opened the plate to look at the inside beneath the indicator plate cover and nothing was abnormal. They also jacked the car and looked at the exhaust system and the heat shield was ok as well. They pretty much ran out of ideas.
    I was told that they will call the Honda Tech Line to seek further help. They also want me to leave the car with them such that they can duplicate the problem and compare it to another car of the same model.
    If anybody have an idea on what is going on, please let me know. Thanks.
    I am planning to call the Honda corporate customer care by myself to see if they can provide any further informations. :confuse:
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    Is this so hot as to burn you?
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    It is "burning" hot. But not to the extent that could hurt.
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