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Toyota Venza Remote Engine Start

cslasorcslasor Member Posts: 15
I thought I already posted this but I don't see it, so forgive me if it appears twice.

I purchased a 2010 4-cyl FWD Venza last week, with only the Smart Key and Leather packages. It did not come with the Remote Engine Start and I'm thinking about having that added either by Toyota or a 3rd party. I live in Florida so I'm interested in it for cooling the car before I get in, not for warming it.

Does anybody have experience with RES on the Venza? If so, does it also roll down the windows or does it just start the engine? What happens with the Smart Key - does the engine quit when I touch the door handle to unlock the car? And about how far away can I be from the car and start it with the RES?

I know I can talk to salespeople about this at Toyota or a 3rd party place, but I'd like to hear from somebody with real life experience if possible.



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    robfilerobfile Member Posts: 9
    I opted for the Toyota remote start versus the aftermarket. I wanted the single key fob and not one for the smart key and another for the remote start.

    The range is fair at best, I'd say about 75 ft. Also, no special features other then starting the car.

    Yes, the engine will shut off once you touch the handle or after 5 min.
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    dimka2000dimka2000 Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Anyone knows if there's an aftermarket remote engine start kit that can replace the Toyota factory VIP remote start? Or, at least, is there a way to attach an antenna to the VIP start to expand the range?
    I got Venza 2010 with VIP remote start and it sucks!
    - Limited range defeats the purpose of it. and I mean limited - I have problems starting this from my house standing in front of the window with the Venza parked outside maybe 30ft from the house!!!
    - Stupid engine shutoff when you open the car after starting the engine remotely. Dealership could not explain how it may enhance security/safety!!!
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    crivcriv Member Posts: 9
    I have a Viper security system with remote start. It has really good range. I can start my car from inside a store! Mine only cuts off if you fail to insert and turn the key prior to stepping on the brake. I do not have the push button start, but I imagine it would work the same way.
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    caa523caa523 Member Posts: 1
    I have keyless entry for my Venza. I use the remote start (Toyota installed) on my 2009 Venza primarily in winter. I leave the defroster on high and keep the temperature high on the inside when I leave my car. The rear window defroster does not come on with auto start if you left it on prior. Ice on the windshield melts and when it snows, the snow generally slides off the windshield as well. The car shuts itself off after 5 minutes unless I go to open the door. To unlock the car, I simply depress the button on the remote start until I hear the door unlock. The motor does not shut off. I had trouble with this in the beginning, but my salesman showed me how it works. I do have trouble with the headlights, however. I usually leave the switch on 'auto', and when I use the remote start, the lights go on. This is good because it lets me know that the car is turning on. However, as soon as I put the car in gear, the lights go off. I didn't realize this until I used the remote start at night. Drivers in cars coming at me were flashing their lights. I then realized that the headlights shut off, and I had to turn the lights on. When I got home, I had to make sure the lights were turned off. This was confusing because I had taken the switch off 'auto'. Eventually, my battery went dead and I wasn't sure I caused it with the light switch, or as I found out in other forums, Venza factory installed batteries don't seem to have much of a life. All in all, I like the remote start, and I definitely recommend it. Be careful with your headlights.
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    sean43sean43 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2010 Venza and part of the deal was that the dealer install a factory remote starter.

    It is the worst-performing remote starter I could have imagined. It LITERALLY struggles to work from 25 feet away. Again, I want to emphasize that I am not exaggerating. Either no one at Toyota bothered to test it, or they just did not care. If you pay for this option, it is akin to having someone steal money from you. Very poor design from Toyota. And yes, it does turn off when you open the door so you need to start the car twice. Just not smart, and not something I would have expected from Toyota.

    In contrast, the car I traded was an 06 Subaru with a basic aftermarket remote starter. It had easily 5x the range, likely more. It also stayed on as long as you pressed the brake pedal and put the key in the ignition when you got in the car. Not rocket science, just how this should work.

    Bad job, Toyota.
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    wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Open the window...!!

    Many modern thermopane windows have a thin metallic film deposition to reflect outside heat away.

    Friend of mine discovered he could only "pirate" his neighbor's WIFI with the window open.
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    taureantaurean Member Posts: 1
    I got new 2011 Venza and very disappointed with the Remote system. Not more than 20 ft. The beeps from car is hardly audible. You need to be less than 15 ft to hear the beeps.
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    damurf2damurf2 Member Posts: 1
    You can find a used remote starter from 1988 and it will be better than any toyota factory remote. Toyota factory remotes really suck, they have the worst range and even worse if your not in direct view. There should be a class action against Toyota for putting this garbage out in the market place. The remote on my 96 Chevy and four cars after were better than this Toyota crap. Stay away from their factory remotes!
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