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Tons of problems

maddrivermaddriver Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Nissan
I purchased a brand new Nissan Versa Sedan in August 2009. Since I have owned this vehicle it has been in the service department numerous times. The battery went completely dead, the air flow sensor has been replaced, the oxygen sensor has been replaced, I have had problems with the front end alignment, and the computer board has been replaced because the "check engine" light would not go off

My car has now been in service three times in the last three weeks. The issue being that it began to CUT OFF while I was driving. At first they said it was low on freon and that it made the car go into "Safe Mode", they released it to me. Then two days later it cut off again, I returned to the service department to be told that nothing was wrong and that it has been driven 100 miles to make sure the problem was solved. The car cut off before I could make to the stop sign. Now my car has been in the service department for the last two weeks and they are telling me that the computer board has to be replaced AGAIN. Has anyone else had this many issues with their Versa? :lemon:


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    barrailbarrail Member Posts: 27
    My '07 versa hatchback doesn't get driven for more than twenty minutes or so in the winter, but the heater seams to be working fine, yet there is an awful lot of condensation on the inside of the windows. Has anyone else experienced this condition with their vehicle?
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    crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    Is it the windshield or the side windows?
    Also make sure the recirculating control(max ac) is set to outside air.
    Opening the rear window a crack will improve circulation.
    Snow or water from shoes will melt and cause condensation.
    Excessively short trips or run time will not allow a complete warmup thus inefficient defroster pweformance.
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    moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Title is not effective. "Tons of Problems" will not obtain a good response from Versa owners.
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    retiremanretireman Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 Nissan Versa that is a few months old. The service engine soon light has come on 3 times. Been given the old "loose gas cap" routine. Now, they say it is bad gas. Codes show no problems. Dealer wants $250 to drain the gas and put new gas in. I have been driving about 40 years and never had "bad gas" before. Is this a reasonable solution?
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    crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    I have had a hint of this kind of problem too.
    Like you, have been driving and maintaining my vehicles for lot of years.
    Got our 2010 in late august and the valves were noisy.
    Friend of ours mentioned it could have been stale gas from the factory as they dont use the best on assembly line fill up not to mention time sitting on dealer's lot.
    First used valve and upper cylinder cleaner-conditioner in gas then followed by approx. 8 ounces of oil in tank of gas.
    Also used mid grade gas all that time as it seems it has a longer shelf life ahd different octane rating.
    Now back to regular gas and good performance even on winter weather and getting close to 6000ks. If you really feel you have to drain tank; explore alternate places than dealer; its all labor at 100$ an hour or more.
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