Altima 3.5SR sold without options?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and hope to have a good experience and get some good info and advice. I'm planning on buying a new Altima 3.5SR. I requested quotes from 5 dealers in my area (Camden County, Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) none has sent me a quote except for one, CHAPMAN NISSAN in Philly. The only thing is that they sent me a quote for the 2.5S and not the 3.5SR. I think I selected to wrong model before sending my price quote requests. So I replied to all dealers' emails and clarified that I wanted a quote for a 3.5SR without options. Then today I receive an email from one of the dealers stating that Nissan does not make Altima 3.5SR's without options. I would like to know if this is true because I want the 3.5SR but just with standard options so as to keep the price down. I mean, yea I would love the extra options but I don't need and don't want to pay for it. Also, I know that a lot of the extra options are added by the dealers. So does anyone know if this is true or not? Please help, thanks. :confuse:

Sorry about the long post but just wanted to be clear on what I'm asking.


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    You can just check the inventory at
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    Just checked four dealers inventory from Two did not have any 3.5SRs listed. One had 1 and the other had 1. I visited one of the dealers that showed none two days ago and they had 5 on the lot. Lots of luck getting good results from searching the inventories. They are so off it's pitiful.
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    Yea, m6user is right the dealers barely show any Altima 3.5SR's and when they do they all have the high priced extra options. I spoke with the son of a coworker of mine who knows two managers at a Nissan dealer near me. He he gave me their numbers and told me to try and get in touch with one of them and tell them that I'm a friend of his. I called and spoke to one of the two managers and asked if they sell Altima 3.5SR's with just the standard options and he said yes they do and if they don't happen to have it in stock that he can order it. Now it seems like the other salesman from the other dealership was BSing me. Although I won't be buying a car for another month or so it's good to have this info while I continue my research. Are there any people on here from the (Southern New Jersey, Camden County) area that have bought an Altima 3.5SR with just it's standard equipment? If so, for how much? Also would like to say thanks to gooddeal2 and m6user for their comments and help so far. :)
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    agreed; when I was shopping last summer, my two local Nissan dealerships told me that they tend not to advertise the 3.5 versions of the altima because they feel the loaded up V6 versions take away from the Maxima and so they try to get rid of them, when they do get them on their lot, as soon as possible

    They want to make it so that if you want a V6, the salesman will say, "oh well you'll have to move up into the more expensive Maxima if you want a V6" wink wink

    Its just another shameful sales ploy by the dealerships despite the fact that you can get a V6 altima without loading it up to like $32k for around $25-26k!
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    Your right smarty666, that's what the guy at the dealer that my friend knows told me what the price would be. I have a question and this goes out to anyone to answer. Edmunds says that the TMV for the Altima 3.5SR with standard options for my area in South Jersey is $22,182 and the guy at the dealer says that it's going to be between $25k-$26k. I definitely don't want to pay that price and I know it doesn't cost the dealer 25k-26k to buy. So, what should I offer more or less, based on the TMV that Edmunds says is the true market value of the Altima 3.5SR with standard options for my area. Hopefully my head isn't up in the clouds about being able to get the price! Any suggestions please? Thanks :confuse:
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