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I am about to purchase a 2010 LR4, however I would like feedback regarding the finishing touch protection product, as well as the extended warranty plans. Also, I am wondering if there is anyway I can use the cross-bars from my 2005 LR3 on the LR4. Finally, are there any dealer incentives for the LR4 that I am unaware of the dealer is failing to be honest with me about their costs? thanks for any and all thoughts.


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    I'm curious about the crossbars as well. I'm going into a 2011 LR4 at the end of the summer, and have a few accessories (crossbars, sports box, etc) that's I'm curious if they'll fit.
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    I was informed that my cross-bars will not transfer to the 2010 and I will need to purchase a whole new system consisting of the roof rails and the cross-bars, as the new LR4's are not equipped with the roof rails like the LR3's. I was hoping this was misinformation from the salesman/dealer.
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    Try the Land Rover LR4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences discussion for incentive talk.
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    Already did...nothing.
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    Not a big seller I guess.

    Edmunds has an incentives page and all official incentives should be listed there.
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    I did look at the incentives page and informed my salesman/dealer about what i found and he claims to know nothing about the incentive I mentioned. Steve, I appreciate your assistance, but I have performed my due diligence and it seems to be leading nowhere, which is why I opened this forum. I am trying to get any and all help so that I am properly equipped with information when dealing with my salesman. I am tired of the "i don't knows" and "let me get back to you on that" answers that I am getting from my salesman.
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    I don't how big the dealer (or city) is where you live. You may have to expand your search area to find a dealer more willing to work with you.

    Try this discussion next: :)

    Got a Quick Question for a Car Dealer?
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    I just spoke with my salesman; he called after I emailed the incentive information, and he said that the dealership owner "punched" the vehicle as sold in March, because I put a $1000 hold payment on it, and because the incentive is for April there is nothing more they can do. Also, they claim to be selling the vehicle at invoice, $53,473 for a Lux Plus LR4 and they can't provide the $1000 cash incentive. Moreover, they are pushing for me to purchase the Finishing Touch exterior and interior protection for the paint and fabric, as well as telling me that I cannot use the cross-bars from my 2005 LR3 and that I need to purchase new roof rails and cross-bars. I am just losing trust in what I am hearing, because when i am having to provide the salesman with incentive information due to his "unaware of any incentives" claim, I just become more and more uneasy with all of the other claims I am getting.
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    I hope your deposit was refundable. I think I'd unwind the deal and start over.
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    What is problematic about the deal itself? the purchase price?
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    The run-around. From what you've described, it doesn't sound like the kind of place I'd want to give my business and if they are this bad before the sale, what will they be like for warranty claims?

    All the pressure to buy the F&I junk would be enough to make me walk out though.
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    Your cross bars will definitely fit, the overall shape of the car did not change, and please tell me how you like your LR4! How is you LR3?
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    The problem with the cross bars is not that they will not fit, but the LR4's do not come standard with roof rails like the LR3's did. Therefore, in order to have cross bars on the LR4, I need to purchase the roof rails, however the roof rails cannot be purchased separate from cross bars. It is an all or nothing accessory, at least that is what I am being told from the dealer, which is an over $800 accessory cost. I was wondering if anyone who has purchased an LR4 has run into this issue or was provided an option to only purchase the roof rails and keep the old cross bars.

    Regarding my LR3, i love love love it, which is why I am purchasing an LR4. Land Rovers are quarky, but I have received good service work at my dealer, as well as the North Point Land Rover in Atlanta when I was out there intermittently. There is not another vehicle that can match Land Rover's terrain abilities, which living in the mountains and driving on snow and ice is crucial. This car is the bomb for snow and icy road conditions, as well as heavy rain/wet roads.
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    Wow. Invoice for a Lux Plus? All I'm getting is quotes $1,000 off MSRP since they move quickly here and none are on the lot long. I'd take any sort of run-a-round I could get for invoice!

    I'm tempted on the exterior finish. I don't think I could do as good a job, but it would be trying. Living in the mountains myself, I need as much finish protection as I can get. I think the cost is $800 or so. Zaino seems like a great product and easy enough to try though...
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    i was incorrect, the price is around $53,500 for the HSE Lux. I am not sure if i am convinced on the exterior protection, because i look at my current LR3 and my other vehicle that I have owned for 5 years without exterior protection and, honestly, i see no issue with paint fading, rust, scratches, etc...nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that would decrease the value of the vehicles. I read other forums and much of the feedback is that these add-ons are b.s., and are unnecessary accessories that are offered only for the purpose to increase dealer profit, because the mark-up is so high. Again, my primary concern is the cost of the vehicle and the fact that the dealer will not allow me the april cash incentive, saying that this price for the HSE Lux is below invoice and they are losing money....any thoughts?????
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    To quote Mr Shiftright around here, wax is for glamor, not protection. Zaino would be kind of fun to play with (I like messing with my clay bar), but no way would I pay a dealer for any of their stuff. They're about as likely to put swirl marks in the paint as protect anything.

    I dunno - you could try getting some dealer quotes from outside your area and then tell the dealer if they can't match the out the door price, you're going to buy elsewhere. TMV for my zip code is just under $58,000 (before incentives). Just how far apart are y'all ($1,000 plus ?). Land Rover doesn't have holdback so there may not be much room for the dealer to maneuver here. That would explain the pressure to buy the mop and glow stuff too.

    Oh, and have you checked the Yakima and Thule fitment guides? It may be too soon for them to have clips out for the 2010 Land Rovers, but I'm wondering if the Land Rover racks are just a version of a Yak or Thule (or Barrecrafter) rack. If so, you might be able to cut the rack price in half by going aftermarket.
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    thanks Steve, i think i am peeved by the $1000 cash incentive that the dealer will not give me, because they chose to "punch" the sales date for the vehicle in March so they could make their quota (which, in turn, could give the dealer additional profit). the issue with the roof rails and cross bars is the installation of roof rails that the cross bars connect to. I'm pretty sure that Yakima and Thule do not make roof rails that attach directly to a vehicle. If I could just purchase the roof rails that Land Rover installs and then purchase cross bars from Yakima or Thule then that is a viable option, however, Land Rover does not sell the roof rails separate from the cross bars.
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    Dealers don't always make it easy do they? :sick:
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    I just bought a 2010 LR4 that had a sticker of $54,610. Go to TRUECAR.COM and find out that the factory invoice is $49.991. I paid just over $51,000. Again let the dealer know (in fact bring in the printout) and tell them you are going to buy at $1000 (or less) over invoice and if they won't do it there are many dealers that will. It has nothing to do with dealer loyalty, etc. Shop the best price, period. As far as the dealer add-ons such as paint protection, ding protection, etc.- forget it. I absolutely enjoy our new LR4.
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    Thanks for the website recommendation. What option package does your LR4 contain? Lux, Lux Plus, etc...because if it is similar to the one I am considering, then I will definitely mention your price. The LR4 I have a hold on contains the Lux package and one of the special palette colors for a total of about $53500. I just want to compare apples to apples, so it is helpful to know exactly what other consumers are finding/receiving. I hate not trusting my salesman, as I purchased past vehicles from this person and have always been happy, however this deal is bothering me, I think mostly because the salesman claimed not to know about any cash incentives and then when I called the salesman out on it, I was then told that I am not eligible due to the dealership putting a March sold date on the car, even though I have not purchased it to date.
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    Factory invoice on a 2010 LR4 is $42,998. You must be adding in option packages. Edmunds has invoice prices for the SUV plus invoice prices for all the options.

    Edmunds will also tell you what people in your zip code are paying. Around here that number is around $2,000 over invoice. I agree with your recommendation to shop around, but you may have to work a bit to beat TMV by another $1,000.

    I was a Bucky Badger for a few months living in MadTown (my sticker stayed on my last car though). Don't remember seeing many Land Rovers around WI. But I bugged out before winter set in so maybe I missed them. :shades: Nice part of the world - have family up in the UP and flew to Green Bay a couple of years ago and tooled around in a rental car heading up that way.

    Enjoy the new ride!
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    Hi - has anyone considered importing a diesel LR4 from the UK? Any tips? Will there be any issues getting it serviced by local dealers?

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    you are correct in that there are not a lot of Land Rovers around (not yet - but i think with the LR4 they really will start to show up). i like the fact that they are unique in numbers. the truck is really a pleasure to drive and on the eyes. the mercedes, bmw and volvo suvs just didnt do it for me. this is a perfect blend of luxury and get dirty truck.
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    lux plus package.
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    Would appreciate any thoughts on pricing of a service loaner. Dealer is offering a service loaner (HSE package) with just over 3k miles for $50,900 (sticker is $52,900, Edmunds TMV is $51,812 - but that assumes a new car). Also throwing in options that he says are valued at about $4,500 (running boards, roof rails, ladder, rear light protectors) for free. I'm still a lilttle scarred by the Volvo S80 service loaner I bought a few years back that turned out to be a bit of a lemon. Any thoughts on reliability of service loaners, whether a $2k discount is sufficient, etc?
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    :shades: I think that is a horrible deal. I was quoted $8000 off brand new lr4 but didn't persue. Although I could not confirm the same deal is still available today I can't see why it wouldn't be.
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    I just moved back to the US from overseas and tried to import my 2008 LR3. I was told by the registered auto importer in my area (Houston) that it would cost about $10-12k to bring it up to spec for the US market (though I could bever get a straight answer regarding what work was required). Mine was not a diesel, but I imagine you might have the same issues. If you want to pursue it, you won't get any help calling Land Rover USA. You'd need to get a VIN# from the truck you want to import, then have a registered importer run it to see if it is approved for import. If it is not (like my LR3 wasn't), then I think you're hosed.
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    HI Buckybadger1,
    You mentiond you negoitiated $1000 over invoice. What dealership did you buy this from? Did you have a good buying experience with them? Thank you for your assitannce.
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    Can't believe how dead this thread is on the Edmunds it that LR is not selling enough LR4s (doubt it) or are LR4 owners not keen to share their purchase experiences?

    I could never have bought my previous car without the help of the prices paid forum on Edmunds...
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    The Land Rover LR4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences isn't very active either. LR4 Lease Questions is a little busier.

    But judging by the forums, not a lot of people are shopping.
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    As I call around to get pricing for either 2010 and 2011's, it appears a very tight supply of vehicles exists for the LR4. Very few 2010's are on the lots and 2011's are pre-selling very well. I believe the poor forum communication could be more due to the relatively smaller customer base and low volume's the vehicle is produced in. Best pricing I've found so far is $2000 above invoice via costco pricing. Still trying to find it lower.
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    Have you tried getting dealer quotes by email? If they all ignore you, that could be an indication that the dealers aren't hungry.

    (there's a link on the main Edmunds page if you want to try it).
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    For myself, it's because there's no drama to buying one of these. Did my research, walked in, plopped down my deposit, picked up my (factory-ordered) truck. Done.

    Just wish it had a few little tweaks to make it perfect.

    Diesel (worth mentioning twice)
    110v/1000W inverter plug (Like Lexus)
    Terrain in the GPS for offroading (or could be real-time via google, etc if using 3G/4G wireless networking)
    Ability to speak your destination like the latest Garmin handheld GPS's
    Have an optional standard transmission and air suspension delete
    Tire mounted to rear, not underneath
    Ability to sync with bluetooth for contacts, etc on my phone.
    Ability to use the data plan on my phone to pull down traffic, weather, etc. - either wired or bluetooth connection.
    Ability to choose a preferential bluetooth device to mate up to (handy when my wife and I are both in the car, and it gets confused about which phone to hookup the handsfree to.)
    Ability to set the computer to recognize what size tires you have so you don't have a speed / traction issue if running oversized tires.
    Better self-diagnosis in determining if faults are real or a sensor issue. (Like a built-in OBD2 plus plain text explanation.)
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