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2010 Nissan Altima - Base Model

bongolanbongolan Member Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Nissan
Purchased Feb7 Superbowl.

In shop 3xs

1) Air Valve - computer code
2) Blow Head Gasket

Did not have speakers - Told it did--Thats ok, just incase anyone wanted to know about them.

Driving off the lot 25.9 MPG highway
After a few days 23.9

After head gasket was replaced 25.7-.9 ish again
After a few days 23.9

Went back to dealer-no problems conclusion by them.

MPG dropped again that day 23.2 and remains consistant on highway.

In city it says 22.8 --23 even Ish

Personal opinion? This car is a pos..Maybe a fluke yea? IDK but this one Pos Lol


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    bongolanbongolan Member Posts: 5
    K so getting an average now with city/highway - around 70%city 30% highway

    Of 30.3 mpg

    Not bad!!

    Still need to get k & n filter - and recheck tire pressure
    Getting less resistant tires should help, not ready for that considering car is so new.
    Not really sure if anything else will work.

    But like you guys i hear the rattle of the lifters or spacers or w/e the hell it is...So will switch to synthetic oil , to help minimize the problem.

    Well thats it for me folks..Good luck if you buy Nissan!!
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    bongolanbongolan Member Posts: 5

    Master brake cylinder failed...

    They replaced it..

    Car is less then 1 year old off the lot

    --Front brakes MAGOR NOISE...replacing it myself New Vented Rotors and Pads

    Also Rear Tires Losing air pressure every 4-7 days -- No holes..

    Replacing rear tires.

    More problems with this car in less then a year ..then USED CARS I bought as a kid for 300$
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    bongolanbongolan Member Posts: 5
    K so before the year was out - brake pads replaced because they where cracked.

    Then end of december 2010 - 3 windows stopped working - wouldnt roll up -

    they said they had to grease them? IDK anyway they go them to work
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    bongolanbongolan Member Posts: 5
    Traded the nissan - for 2011 hyundai elantra - difference in driving - engine noise and shakes - and basic accesories for the same price as a altima..Is really over whelming

    I actually fell in love with this car - and love has eluded me for so long :D

    Its really difficult to say Nissan is a pos company - their cars suck etc..Because I had one car from them and it failed miserably - maybe I was just unlucky - But unfort 1st time buyer of nissan...and for now and for at least 5 years from now - last time purchaser of a nissan.

    Elantra is getting 32 - 34 mpg with only 300 miles on it atm. So smooth - no engine noise- you feel like ur in a lexus or a mercedes or combo IDK but its SWEEEEEEEEET.
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