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Toyota Celica STX Electrical Problems

stx_fanstx_fan Member Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Toyota
have a 1995 Toyota, Celic STX, (which has been a great car) I just recently put a new alternator in because the lights would dim when I turned the radio on or I was unable to use the windshield wipers with other devices i.e. radio, lights and eventually the car would stop running and act as if the battery was dead. After letting it sit over night it would start and after driving a short distance the same would begin again.

All was well for a few weeks and now the windshield wipers turned on by themselves and would not stop running (The mechanic unplugged them from the switch and said I needed a new switch). Last night the brake light came on and would not go off (I removed the fuse). Being a single mother of 3 (no child support) I have done some car repair work on my own but I am not sure were to begin with this problem. Additionally, if I have to take it to the mechanic I want to have an idea of what to expect. Can someone give me information on this problem?

Thank you!


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    moomoocowmoomoocow Member Posts: 1
    i cannot deactivate the immobiliser on my old celica, i have replaced battery in fob and all seems ok ie red light working, its been playing up alot lately but now it wont de activate at all is there any way of bypassing the fob so it just starts from the key, the alarm goes off when you open the door with the key so i think problem is in the cars system and not with the fob any suggestions please, desperate, thany you.
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