Honda Pilot Warranty Question

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We purchased a new 2007 Honda Pilot in June 2007. It now has about 55,000 miles. The bumper to bumper warranty has expired, but not the powertrain warranty. Saturday we were told it needed a new power steering rack. The tech said it was due to normal wear and tear and nothing we did. He thought it was quite unusual for this to happen and certainly premature. He thought it should be covered by the powertrain but was not sure and said to check with him on Monday. Any experience with this type of issue and whether Honda will cover it? Any help is appreciated.


  • jdbhpjdbhp Member Posts: 2
    For the benefit of anyone else who may have a similar issue - the steering apparently is not covered by the powertrain warranty. Honda graciously agreed to pick up the repair seeing as though the steering going bad so soon is extremely rare. This was our first Honda - and am very disappointed. Glad that Honda is picking up the tab - but have had a lot of problems with the car. We feel that holding on to it - we like to buy new and keep for many years - is a problem waiting to happen. So we are getting the repair done and then getting rid of it. This will be our first and last Honda.
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    I was told to replace my power steering rack this past weekend. Was looking for the same warranty coverage issue and found your post. Mine is a 2007 pilot with 72000 miles. Repair cost ~$2000 which is obscene. I bought the car used, but have been taking it to the dealership for regular maintenance per schedule for the last 3.5 yrs. Did you have the dealer contact honda or did you do it yourself. Any tips on how to go about trying to get honda to cover it.
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