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Where to find 92 Astro AWD ABS unit?

ari_55ari_55 Member Posts: 1
Hi, I'm new to this forum but I have a long time relationship with a 92 Astro AWD. I have had it since new and it has only 110.000 km on it.

My ABS warning light came on some 8-9 years ago and I took the car to the dealer. They changed the ABS control module and charged me some 3000 USD for it.
All went fine for the next years until last year (2009) the ABS light came on again. This time I did not jump into ordering a new ABS module abut I took the car to the dealer for fault code reading. The computer said something about a "grounding problem" (sorry I don't have the code) but they were able to reset the fault. They said that with good luck the problem is fixed but if the light comes on again, a new module is needed.

Now, the warning light stayed away for about 7 months until it appeared again.
I took the car again to an American car speacialist who was able to reset the fault code but this time the fix was good for only 5 days and now the warning light is on again. I would need to take the car to mandatory yearly inspection and with ABS warning light on it will not pass.

The US car specialist was somewhat reluctant looking for a replacement unit as he thought it would be a shot in the dark. According to him the problem could be also connections or cables or...

Anyway, during last weekend I removed the ABS module (and had to grind off four of the seven hole-Torx bolts as they were stuck). I checked the connectors,m sprayed them with dielectric spray and I will take the car ABS fault resetting again next Friday and I hope the light stays off for two hours as I have my inspection in the afternoon. (In the worst case I can eliminate the warning light by disconnecting one of the ABS module connectors and hope that the inspector does not notice the missing warning light...)

To my questions:

1) Is there a simple way to reset the alarm light yourself or does it have to be done with a dealer "computer". (Battery removal does not help as I had it off for two days due to my electrical connections "cleanup".)

2) Where could I find a new (or rebuilt) ABS module for my Astro AWD. The present unit is a Kelsey Hayes (remanufactured for GM)

Thanks in advance

Ari Ignatius
Hyvinkää, Finland


  • bsibajabsibaja Member Posts: 4
    Its very likely that your ABS Module needs to be refurbished. Mine was doing exactly the same. Vibrations seemed to set it off and both BRAKE/ABS lights would come on until I turned the car off. It is a popular problem with the modules.

    The fix was less than $100 dollar and it was very easy.

    There are two companies that do this and give you a warranty for their work:
    ASI (Automotive Scientific Inc) www.AUTOECU.com (HINT: their Ebay listings are way cheaper! http://myworld.ebay.com/ate1234)

    And the other company is Module Master: http://www.modulemaster.com/en/index.php

    You can ship it to them and still drive your vehicle. Your brakes will work just fine, but the ABS feature won't until you replace the controller. Just make sure you cover the other half of the ABS unit on your car. You'll want to protect it from debris and water.

    Best of luck.
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