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Jeep Liberty Sport transfer case problems

bobbo44bobbo44 Posts: 1
Started to hear strange sounds while driving in 2wd in the front end and around where the driver sits. (grinding, clicking, clunking) It started out intermittent and is becoming progressivly worse in frequency and volume. When i put it in 4wd part time or sounds like a piece of metal is flying around inside of something....VERY loud! VERY alarming, and when back into 2wd this sound continues for a few minutes and then goes back to a less dramatic/slightly different, grinding and clunking sound...just not as this enough to diagnose the problem to the transfer case? Should i even bother fixing this??!! it has 130,000 miles...and still needs a power steering pump, rack-in-pinion is leaking, front driveline rear boot is broken, front left axel seal is leaking and has a broken motor mount....should i even bother? am i wasting my time and money?


  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    If the resale value becomes lesser than the cost of repair :sick:
    Seen from this side of the pond, Daimler made this vehicle so expensive to maintain that the only second hand Jeeps I saw on the lots were at the same price: 16,000 Euros. I have the feeling it's 10K for them and 6K for us minus the repairs :(
  • I am not able to shift back into 2 Hi after towing my Jeep behind my motorhome. I followed the owners manual's directions for recreational towing of my 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport behind my motorhome by putting it in PARK and shifting from 2 Hi into NEUTRAL but when I tried to to shift back into 2 Hi It wont go! it will go in 4 Lo, 4 Hi and neutral but not 2 Hi. Wonder if anybody can advise me what the problem might be before I take it down to the Jeep dealership. Thanks
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