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New 2.4L GDI engine

jsganzjsganz Posts: 8
edited September 2014 in Hyundai
Does anyone know when the new Direct Injection engines (like those in the 2011 Sonata) will be available in the Tucson?


  • maringamaringa Posts: 36
    No earlier than this Fall (September/October). I wonder if it will be the 274 hp engine or will they de-rate it to around 250hp? 274 hp will make the Tucson a pocket rocket.

    I'm considering buying one...waiting for the second engine option. I am also waiting to see what the new 2011 Santa Fe remodel is going to look like.
  • jsganzjsganz Posts: 8
    I'm defininitely waiting for the GDI engine which should gain on HP as well as MPG. How did you find out that it would be sometime this Fall? I hoped it would be a bit sooner since the 2011 Sonata's are out already.
  • I too will wait for the 2.4L GDI before I buy the new Tucson. I owned a 2006 Tucson V6 with 173 HP and a crappy 4 speed. It had NO power and really poor MPG too. So even though the 2.4L MPI Tucson is 173 HP but better connected with the 6 speed auto, the GDI will be WAY better. And if they ever decide to put the GDI Twin-Turbo into the Tucson.....Look out! It will be a rocket at 245 HP with maybe over 30 MPG...... On regular gas!
  • dvancleavedvancleave Posts: 12
    Does anyone know for sure whether of not Hyundai plans to introduce the GDI version of the 2.4L engine in the 2011 Tucson? I have seen many claims but not sure if they are just wishful thinking or based on facts. I do know that Hyundai plans to introduce a 2.0L engine in a GL model in 2011.

    I also have seen that sister company KIA plans to introduce a 245HP 2.0L turbo version of the Sportage sometime in 2011. But I have also seen that Hyundai plans to borrow a page from the American auto makers and drop by 2012.

    The rumors are plentiful but I cannot find any official information anywhere. Obviously the GDI version would be worth waiting for, even if it did tack a little more onto the price tag.
  • maringamaringa Posts: 36
    Now that Kia is going to put the turbo in the new Sportages, I wonder when Hyundai will put it in the Tucson...end of this year for the 2012 version, or sooner like Kia?
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