1986 s10 blazer engine swap

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i'm looking to swap the 2.8l out for a 3.4l and i was just wondering what would be a good vehicle to get one from. any suggestions?


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    A 1987 - 1991 S10 Blazer will have a 4.3L engine with a one-piece rear seal and is designed for a roller tappet cam. If you rebuld the engine use the same crankshaft and rods that originally came in the engine. Those engines do not have a crank sensor and they can use the more common parts for a 350 Chevrolet V8 engine. Maximum over bore is .030" oversize (4.030" bore) and you can use 350 Chevrolet V8 pistons if you internally balance the engine. . The heads on those engines have fully adjustable rocker arms with straight 3/8"-24 rocker pressed in studs. You should either pin the existing rocker studs or have screw-in studs installed. Most production engine rebuilders pin the stock pressed in studs in order to avoid warranty problems with pulled studs.

    Most of those engines have a provision in the block for a mechanical fuel pump if the engine was equipped with a carburator. Even if the engine was equipped with throttle body fuel injection and a pump in the tank, it still may have a mechanicl fuel pump provision in the block. If the engine does not have a provision for a mechanical pump,and you are using a carburator, you must install an electric fuel pump near the gas tank to push fuel to the carburator. .
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    i wanted to put a 3.4l in because it would be a direct bolt on instead of having to do all the conversions to put a 90 degree engine in like the 4.3l. i don't have a lot of money or time to do this, i just want more power than the little 2.8l puts out
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